Top 13 Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria 2023/2024

Cross River state is a state that is located in the southern part of Nigeria. The Cross River state also has produced some prominent men who are quite well known on and outside the state and in this article you will be reading about some of the richest men in the state.

Top 13 Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria 2023/2024

Cross River State is also quite known for its tourist attractions which has given it a lot of revenue.

Top 13 Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria 2023/2024

Keep reading to see the top richest men in Cross River State Nigeria this 2023. Bear in mind that the list is written in no preferential order;

1. Donald Duke

Donald Duke is a Nigerian politician, lawyer, and former governor of Cross River State. He’s known for his progressive leadership, infrastructural development, and youth engagement initiatives. Duke’s efforts also have left a significant impact on his region’s growth and development.

2. Waller Onnoghen

Walter Onnoghen was born in 1950 and is a Nigerian jurist. He also served as the Chief Justice of Nigeria from 2017 to 2019. He is also known as a businessman but mainly got his wealth and became well known during his time as chief justice.

3. Florence Ita-Giwa is One of the Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria

In addition, Florence Ita-Giwa is a Nigerian politician and former senator. Also Known for her advocacy on social issues and environmental concerns, she has played a significant role in promoting women’s rights and community development in Nigeria.

4. Benedict Ayade

In addition, Benedict Ayade is a Nigerian politician and academic, serving as the Governor of Cross River State since 2015. He also has a background in environmental science and has focused on development projects and tourism initiatives during his tenure.

5. Kate Henshaw Nuttal

In addition, Kate Henshaw Nuttall is a Nigerian actress born on July 19, 1971. She’s also known for her versatile roles in Nollywood films and TV series. With a career spanning decades, she’s also celebrated for her acting skills and contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

6. Shan George is Among the Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria

Shan George is a Nigerian actress, born on April 21, 1970, in Ediba, a town in Abi local government area of Cross River State, Nigeria. She also has made significant contributions to Nollywood, both as an actress and director. Also, her performances have left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry.

7. Iyanya Mbok

Iyanya Mbuk, popularly just known as Iyanya, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer. Born on October 31, 1986, on Palm Street in Calabar, Cross River State. He also gained fame after winning the first season of Project Fame West Africa.

8. Nella Andem Ewa

Nella Andem Ewa is an Advocate of Nigeria and a former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Cross River State. She was born in London but completed most of her education in Cross River State Nigeria.

9. Victor Ndoma-Egba is One of the Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria

Victor Ndoma-Egba is a Nigerian lawyer and politician born on March 8, 1956. He was a Senator and Senate Leader of the Nigerian National Assembly. He’s known for his legislative contributions and legal expertise in Nigeria’s political landscape.

10. Nicholas Agiabi Damachi

Nicholas Agiobi Damachi is a Nigerian professor of Industrial engineering and was a former Permanent Secretary of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education. Also, the man has made many waves in the government sector.

11. Liyel Imoke

Liyel Imoke is a Nigerian politician born in 1961. He served as the Governor of Cross River State from 2007 to 2015. Liyel Imoke is known for his contributions to the state’s development and his involvement in various political and social events.

12. Bassey Gershom Henry is Among the Richest Men in Cross River State Nigeria

Bassey Gershom Henry is a Businessman who is also a senator in Cross River State. He hails from Calabar which is also in the same state. He is married and has several educational degrees to his name.

13. Sandy Ojang Onor

Sandy Ojang Onor is a Nigerian politician and senator. He has represented the Cross River Central Senatorial District. His political involvement focuses on legislative matters, social development, and advocating for the interests of his constituents.


The above-mentioned are among the richest people in Cross River States and there are still names not mentioned. The above people are businessmen and politicians who have made quite a name for themselves.

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