Sony PSP 5G 2022 Release Date, Specs and Launch Price

PSP 5G Release Date by Sony in 2022

The PSP 5G has been rumoured since 2021 to have been released by now, but Sony has not yet set a date.

PSP 5G Release Date by Sony in 2022; Check

It is only a matter of time before the PSP gets equipped with the 5g technology. Sony has been in the mobile phone business since 2010, and it equipped its phone Sony Xperia 1 III with the new 5G technology.

Is Sony Still Making PSP 5G?

Sony has not made the PSP since 2015. However, there’s a high chance Sony is considering making the PSP 5G. Yeah, they may currently be making the PSP since portable handheld gaming devices have reentered the handheld gaming market again.

During the time of the PSP and the PS Vita, Sony has been dominating the handheld gaming market. However, now that Sony is concentrating more on their gaming console, smartphones, and camera, other devices like the Nintendo Switch and the steam deck are dominating the market.

Will There Be a New PSP 5G Released in 2022?

No, it has not been officially announced by Sony that we should be expecting a new PSP, but someone has rumoured that Sony is working in 2023. We know that 99% of the time the rumours are right.

When is the PSP 5G Release Date?

We have gotten no updates on the release date of Sony’s PSP 5G since 2019. However, it seems like the PSP 5G would be released next year (2023).

How Much will the PSP 5G Be on the Release Date?

They launched the last PSP at a base price of US$249, and that was supporting 4G. However, considering the modification, the new features, and 5G, the PSP 5G would launch at $300 to $600.

Rumours About the PSP 5G

There are a lot of rumours spread across the internet, some of which are far-fetched or unlikely to happen. However, here are the most plausible and most likely to happen rumours we could get.

  1. The PSP 5G will Be a Cloud Gaming Platform

Cloud gaming, sometimes called game streaming, is a type of remote gaming that allows users to play games on remote savers or the cloud on the user’s device without downloading the game.

2. Cloud Saves

This is the ability that enables you to keep saved data in the cloud when playing on the PSP 5G. This means something can seamlessly play games released on the PS4 and PS5 on the PSP 5G with cloud saves without starting your game progress again.

3. Power

Someone has rumoured that the PSP 5G would have a lot of processing power and will be able to run ps4 games. All in the palm of your hands, you can play games like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of duty Warzone, Spiderman, Watch Dogs and so many more with a high Refresh Rate, Resolution, and FPS. How cool is that!

4. Design

Leaks revealed that the PSP 5G would have a slick design, with a seamless screen that wraps around the edges. It also has its buttons and controls mounted and wrapped by the screen. It will also support the new fast Type-C charging. Also, it will come in a variety of colours like blue, red, white, and black.


However, sony has not been open about the PSP 5G, but we were able to sort out all the rumours and leaks regarding the PSP and provided all the information to easily digest.

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