PlayStation Exclusive PC Board Games – List of the Ones Available and Coming Soon

PlayStation Exclusive PC Board Games – Complete Available and Coming Soon List

Do you want to know the full list of PlayStation-exclusive board games that are now available to play and coming to PC? Do you also wish to play games for entertainment purposes or are you only interested in playing games with your parents or older friends? The board games you’re seeking can be found here.

 PlayStation Exclusive Board PC Games available & coming soon

What are Board Games?

Board games are games that are played on a platform-like material, where you make moves to counter the other player or attack the other player. In this case, the board games that we are referring to are simulated digital board games that you can play on your devices.

Are there PlayStation Exclusive Board Games Available to Play on PS Consoles?

No, there is no PlayStation Exclusive Board Games Available to play on PS Consoles. Games of this genre are not in the PlayStation range as they are in other genres of games.

Is there Any Available and Coming to PC?

Unfortunately, there is no PlayStation Exclusive Board Game Available to play on your PC. Also, there are no board games coming to PC. At least, there is no until Sony makes one for the consoles then PC might get there too. Although, you can there are some other board games that you can play on your PC.

List of Board Games that you can Play on Both PC and PlayStation

Here is the list of all the board games that you can play on both PC and PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) devices. Note, none of these games are PlayStation-exclusive board games but are made by other gaming companies and can be played on both PC and PlayStation.


Ubisoft Entertainment is the manufacturer of this board game. This game is an improved, revived, and more entertaining version of the original Monopoly. In a lively, colorful, and realistic metropolis, establish your empire. Currently available for PC with fresh animations and designs.

2. Rento Fortune

A video game made by LAN – GAMES LTD with multiplayer modes for 2 to 8 players is called Rento Fortune. Play the game of fate with your friends and gain land, buildings, assets, and much more. You may also exchange all of your acquisitions, including your houses, lands, and other items. Play monopoly in a brand-new and competitive way like never before.

3. Talisman

From the original Talisman game, this game is the new and improved multiplayer version of the game. This game is developed and published by Nomad Games. Also, you’ll need stamina, bravery, and some lucky rolls of the dice to make it through the challenges you encounter and beat your rivals to the center of the board.

4. Tabletop Simulator

Created and Published by Berserk Games is Tabletop Simulator. Any board game you can think of, including chess, sudoku, mahjong, checkers, and dominoes, is available. Your perception of the surroundings in all of these games will be one of realism. In a fit of rage, you might even flip the table, it is possible. In the game, you can even design your own simulated board video game or play any of the thousands of mods made by the community.


Now that you have got these games, you can now play with your friends in a very competitive way or play with your family, parents, or grandparents to strengthen that bond that you already have. As the saying goes, “Time spent with family is worth every second”.

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