PlayStation Exclusive Driving/Racing Games Available and Coming to PC

Are you looking for the complete list of PlayStation Exclusive Driving/Racing games available and coming to PC? you’re in luck because here you can get all the PlayStation-exclusive games in this genre and any information regarding it.

Playstation exclusive driving/racing Pc games available & coming soon

PlayStation-Exclusive Driving/Racing Games Available to Play

Here are a few PlayStation-only driving/racing games that you may play on your PlayStation. However, there are only a few games in this game genre. Below is a list of the games.

1. Destruction AllStars

Gaining immediate access to all characters, controlling the phenomenon of destruction, and more AllStars causing havoc and reckless driving

2. Gran Turismo® 7

Take the wheel of one of more than 400 vehicles, all of which are cutting-edge supercars. Develop your skills and take on a lone 1v1 challenger.

3. WipEout Omega Collection

This game was developed by Creative Vault Studios. This is a futuristic racing video game. Race in a futuristic setting and dreamlike maps.

PlayStation Exclusive Driving/Racing Games That Are Available on PC and Coming Soon

Remember that there are only 3 PlayStation-exclusive driving or racing games? Unfortunately, neither a driving/racing game specific to the PlayStation is currently available on the PC nor is one on the way.

Is there any Driving/Racing you can play that is not PlayStation exclusive?

Yes, there are many driving and racing video games available for PC that are not PlayStation-only. The following is a list of some driving/Racing games.

  1. Assetto Corsa Competizione
  2. Burnout™ Paradise Remastered
  3. Car Mechanic Simulator
  4. CarX Drift Racing Online
  5. Highway Driving
  6. Jak X: Combat Racing
  7. MudRunner
  8. NASCAR Heat 5
  9. Need for Speed™
  10. Need for Speed™ Heat
  11. Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered
  12. Need for Speed™ Payback
  13. Need for Speed™ Rivals
  14. Overpass
  15. RIDE 4
  16. Rocket League®
  17. Team Sonic Racing
  18. The Crew
  19. The Crew® 2
  20. Trackmania Turbo
  21. Trials Fusion™
  22. Trials Rising
  23. Wreckfest

Best Driving/Racing Games That you can Play on Both PC and PlayStation Devices

There is a substantial range of driving/racing games available for download on the PlayStation Store, and some disks are also sold in a nearby retailer. There are a lot more downloads available for PCs as well. Here is a list of a few driving/racing games that are not PlayStation-exclusive and are available for both the PlayStation and PC.

1. CarX Drift Racing Online

The game enjoys more than 100,000,000 fans worldwide. It is important to be informed that this game is quite addictive and has a tendency to trapping players. discover the distinctive handling of sports cars. If you enjoy drifting, you can do so here while making risky maneuvers.

2. NASCAR Heat 5

Motorsports Games created this game. One of the most played stockcar racing video games is this one. Experience what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat of a racing vehicle and challenge you to win the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series.

3. Need for Speed™ Heat

One of the many best games that were made by Electronic Arts. This renowned racing game features cutting-edge visuals and gameplay. Experience the driver’s seat as you drive numerous sports cars and supercars while being given a variety of tasks with a lot of challenges and missions.

4. Trackmania Turbo

This is based on the world of the ultimate arcade racing game, where you can compete against friends online or at home. Unlock up to 200 exclusive tunes across more than five difficulty tiers.

5. The Crew® 2

This video game is based on American motorsports. Explore and rule the land, air, and sea. utilizing a variety of vehicles, including bicycles, cars, boats, and planes. enjoy a nice game of racing through the USA.


Now you have gotten driving/racing games that you can play and enjoy. Moreso, you can play some of these driving/racing games with physical PC Game Racing Wheels and really play like you are on the road.

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