Full List of the Best Selling Video Games are Under Nintendo

You will get the Full List of the Best Selling Video Games are Under Nintendo here as they are important and people are looking for them. Nintendo can be considered as one of the best gaming companies now. From hit titles being played all over the world currently.

List of Best Selling Video Games are Under Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the biggest names in the gaming world. It is impossible to imagine growing up without playing any Nintendo game. This is because Nintendo games at the classic video games and systems that define all childhood. But just how well did games from Nintendo sell?

About Nintendo Video Game

Currently, Nintendo is one of the biggest manufacturers of video games all over the world. Their own video games title that we grew up and gotten used to. The company is not a small company it has been around for a very long time. They have made some of the greatest games of all time when you consider video game classics.

Also, Nintendo is a Japanese company and have been around for a long time in fact they have been making games since 1889. In addition to making video games, they are also manufacturers of some of the most popular video game consoles.

Such as Game Boy and the Nintendo switch. The Nintendo Switch is a massive success on its own because it is one of the best selling handheld gaming devices ever.

Nintendo’s Best Selling Video Game

Almost all Nintendo games are always a hit in the market and they sell like hotcakes. However, there are some that say better than others in every department. When Nintendo launched WII consul in 2016 it was an instant success. Finding its home among the older community.

It’s quickly broke the console sales record by selling 101.60million since its launch. However, the most selling game is the Wii sports which broke the best selling record of all time by selling 82.78 million copies since 2006.

Nintendo Best-Selling Franchises

The Nintendo best-selling franchises include all the Nintendo games that have passed the 5 million-selling threshold and have become hits for the company. They are listed below:

  1. Mario Series
  2. Super Mario (390.58 million)
  3. Pokémon (380.00 million)
  4. Wii Series (204.73 million)
  5. The Legend of Zelda (133.37 million)
  6. Donkey Kong (82.88 million)
  7. Animal Crossing (70.33 million)
  8. Super Smash Bros (66.95 million)
  9. Game & Watch (43.40 million)
  10. Kirby (41.07 million)
  11. Brain Age (34.60 million)
  12. Nintendogs (28.60 million)
  13. Duck Hunt (28.31 million)
  14. Yoshi (28.04 million)
  15. Wario (21.47 million)

Best Selling Video Games are Under Nintendo.

Below is the entire list of all best selling games understand the Nintendo platform:

  1. Wii Sports — Wii — 82.90 million
  2. Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow — GB/GBA/VC — 59.52 million
  3. Super Mario Bros — NES/GBC/GBA/3DS(VC) — 48.24 million
  4. The Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal — GBC/DS — 42.21 million
  5. Mario Kart 8 — Wii U/Switch — 39.63 million
  6. Tetris — NES/GB — 35.84 million
  7. Wii Sports Resort — Wii — 33.14 million
  8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Switch — 31.18 million
  9. New Super Mario Bros. — DS — 30.80 million
  10. New Super Mario Bros. Wii — Wii — 30.32 million
  11. Duck Hunt — NES — 28.31 million
  12. Super Mario World — SNES/GBA — 26.30 million
  13. Nintendogs — DS — 23.96 million
  14. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! — DS — 19.01 million
  15. Donkey Kong Country — SNES/GBC/GBA — 13.31
  16. Animal Crossing: New Leaf — 3DS — 12.82 million
  17. Splatoon 2 — Switch — 11.90 million
  18. Animal Crossing: Wild World — DS — 11.75 million

So, these are the Best Selling Video Games are Under Nintendo, You can also check any of them out.

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