13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in December 2022

The idea of sending a new month prayer to your grandmother in December is a very thoughtful one. Without a doubt, this will make her very happy. I hope you find something here that inspires you to reach out to your grandmother and other members of your family.

13 December 2022 New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Grandmother in December 2022

As I have said earlier, your grandmother definitely needs a little prayer. Here are some of them that you can send to her on the first day of December.

1. Prayer for Joy

Hello grandmother, my prayers are with you this December, I pray that this new month fills you with lots of joy. Happy new month.

2. Prayer for Happiness

It is yet another new month, my prayer for you is that may this December be filled with joy and happiness that will extend to next year.

3. Another Prayer for your Grandmother this new month will be for Protection this New Month 

To my dearest grandmother, may God bless you abundantly. My prayer for you in this new month is that as we enter December God will continue to guide and keep you. A very happy new month to you.

4. Prayer for Opportunities

Dear grandmother, I hope that you welcome December with gladness. My prayer is that you will be surrounded by new opportunities in this new month.

5. Prayer for Strength and Answered Prayers

Grandmother, the almighty God will strengthen you in this new month, my endless prayer for you is that December will bring answers to all your prayers in Jesus’ name. Amen.

6. Prayer for Guidance Grandmother December New Month Prayer

Happy new month Grandmother. May the good Lord continue to guide, protect as well as keep you all the days of your life here. And maybe his blessings be your portion this December.

7. Prayer for Answered prayers

Happy new month grandmother, may all your prayers for the year be made manifest in the month of December. You’re loved, grandma.

8. Prayer for Celebration

Even after this new month of December, my prayer for you grandmother is that we’ll still celebrate another new month together.

9. Prayer for Grandmother December New Month Prayer

Welcome to this new month of December grandmother. My prayer is that whatever evil the enemy has planned for you and your loved ones, will not come to pass in Jesus’ name. Amen.

10. Prayer for Blessing 

A happy new month to you dear Grandmother. My prayer is that the works of your hands be blessed by the good Lord. May you experience joy and happiness in this new month. God bless you ma.

11. Youn can Send Your Grandmother a New Month Prayer for Good Things in December

Only good things will happen to members of your family, your children and your grandchildren. God’s protection will be upon you all forever. Happy new month grandma.

12. Prayer for Long life 

December is a new month and as well as the last month of the year, my prayers for you remain that you and your family will see the end of the year but the year will not see your end in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. 

13. Happy New Month for God’s Love Towards your Grandmother in December 

New months are reminders that God loves you, you’re given both an opportunity to enjoy and also to correct the wrongs of last month. Happy new month grandmother.


Finally, I want to appreciate your effort in trying to reach out to your grandmother. My prayer is that you have a happy new month too. God bless.

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