13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December 2022

It’s a new month again and in this new month December, you will need to pray for your husband. Praying for the new month for your husband is very important due to so many reasons. So, this post will bring some Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December.

13 New Month Prayer to Send Your Husband in December 2022

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December 2022

You can Wish your Husband a happy New month in December with prayer and here you see some amazing prayers you can send him.

1. Prayer for Relationship Growth

Dear God, I give you all the thanks, all the glory and adoration for you alone are worthy of praise. Father, I come before you to ask for relationship growth between me and my husband so that our bond as husband and wife will grow stronger in this coming month.

2. Prayer for Peace and Happiness

Father in heaven there is nothing more important in a home than peace and happiness. I pray for my husband that in this new month that he will experience peace and happiness like never before, and that our home will be filled with peace and happiness.

3. Prayer for Strength and Courage is One of the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December

I pray for strength and courage for my husband that no matter what challenge may come his way that he will have the strength and courage to overcome it. I pray that he will also stand firm in your word and will always seek your guidance in Jesus name amen.

4. Prayer for Promotion

Every man’s dream in their place of work is to be promoted and move upward in their career and I pray that my husband will receive that promotion, he will climb that ladder and move upward in his career in Jesus name amen.

5. Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Ancient of days, the I am that I am. I come before you concerning my husband that he will grow more spiritual and meditate in your word day and night. That he may be able to come to you whenever he faces diverse challenges and situations in Jesus name amen.

6. Prayer Against Sickness is Among the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December

I thank you Lord for you are the giver of life and I pray against sickness and diseases, my husband will be healthy and strong always. That whenever he wakes up he will be strong and full of health. He will wake up sound in Jesus name amen.

7. Prayer for Honesty and Integrity

I pray that my husband’s honesty and integrity are not compromised. Also, I pray that he will be able to overcome any circumstances that will make him lose hold of his honesty and integrity. I pray that my husband will hold firm to you in Jesus name amen.

8. Prayer Against Stagnation

I pray against stagnation in the life of my husband, that he will not labour in vain. He will not bring forth trouble but rather he will be prosperous in all that he does. And in this new month, the pleasure of the Lord shall be upon him in Jesus name, amen.

9. Prayer for Divine Favour is One of the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December

I pray that my husband will always experience divine favour in all that he does, I also pray that our household will be a home of joy and peace. That whenever any of us goes out divine favour will always find us in Jesus name amen.

10. Prayer Against Death

Dear Lord in heaven you are the giver of life and the life of my husband is precious. I pray for my husband that he will not see death young, that he will see our children grow to become accomplished adults and he will also enjoy the fruits of his labour in Jesus name amen.

11. Prayer Against Bad Influences

Father Lord, my husband moves with different cycles throughout the day, he does not only mingle with fellow Christians but also those that are non-Christian, so dear Father I pray that my husband will be able to reject bad influences concerning his Christianity and his life in Jesus name amen.

12. Prayer for Unity in his Workplace is Among the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Husband in December

I pray for unity in my husband’s place of work, that he will experience only unity with his fellow worker and that they will work together to meet the organization’s goals without their differences getting in the way. I also pray that he and his fellow workers will overcome their differences in Jesus name amen.

13. Prayer for Protection

Father protect my husband, that as he moves, move with him, that wherever he goes will be self-conscious of your presence with him. That his feet will not take him to evil or bad environment, Also dear God protects him from the manipulations of the devil, let him not fall into their temptation in Jesus name amen.


Praying for your husband should be a daily routine and as the new month of December approaches you should pray for the month concerning his life, the above prayers will help you and give you guidelines on what to pray about for him.

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