Which One is a Better Option Between Netflix and Showmax? CHECK NOW

The world of online streaming keeps getting better every day as more streaming services are springing up. Nowadays there are lots of even loads of them that are available for you to stream if you have a device or a smart TV. People still don’t know which is a better option to select, between Netflix and Showmax?

Netflix and Showmax; Which is Better to Use in 2021?

As the world is moving towards the direction of cable cutters online streaming services such as Netflix and showmax are now dominating. There is no doubt that Netflix is the biggest streaming platform in the world but how exactly does showmax compete? That is why this article focuses on Is Showmax or Netflix better?

Comparison Between Netflix and Showmax

We are going to look at the features of these two big streaming services “Netflix and Showmax“, for you to decide which is a better option. Below, are the features and comparison between Netflix and Showmax;

– Location & Availability

Netflix can be watched, streamed, viewed and used in over 190 countries in the world. When it comes to Africa almost all countries in Africa have access to Netflix and can stream movies with a simple subscription. However the same cannot be said for Showmax because it’s only available in 36 African countries which are not nearly close to the waste Netflix has.

– Contents

When it comes to content that is where home is heart shines Netflix. Because so much is geared towards the continent of Africa is mainly provides and focuses on the African content. Such as Nollywood movies and other African shows. Netflix on the other hand has a lot of Hollywood movies that are not that many African contents to provide.

However, things are quickly changing hands as Netflix is heavily invested in making Nigerian movies for its platform. On this note, it is safe to say that if things continue like this in a few years time Netflix will be heavily populated with African content. So if you are in Africa so mad definitely takes this round.

– Netflix and Showmax Subscription Prices

Subscription prices go together with the contents that a streaming service has to offer. We all know that Netflix subscription is higher than that of showmax here is the breakdown. Show me a standard plan that cost about $7 and you can stream content on your smart TV computer or your mobile device. It also gives you the ability to stream on up to 2 devices simultaneously. Also, the plans are available in most of the Africans top countries currencies.

Netflix has 3 plans the basic plan cost about $8 which you can use in streaming movies and TV shows for only one device. The standard plan is about $10 dollars and at least you stream on up to 2 devices at a time. Considering this, showmax is cheap but it all boils down to preference. If you an in Africa and you focus on mainly African content then showmax is the way to go.

– Free Trial Feature

Everyone loves free things even the president will take anything that is freely given to him. Free trial is not easy to come by and most simply do not include it on Their subscription plan.

Free trial is only available on the showmax standard subscription plan and the Showmax Pro plan it’s only available for 14 days. Netflix takes things a little further as they give you an entire month free trial period to decide whether or not to continue or cancel.

– What Platform Supports

The last thing to consider if Showmax or Netflix is best for you is their platform support. However, both Netflix and Showmax have a high range of supported devices. The only devices that showmax is not yet Available are Roku and Amazon fire stick devices. For Netflix it’s available on all devices you can think of.

Which is Better Between Netflix and Showmax? Check Below for Answer

Obviously, Netflix is the best online streaming platform we have currently with rivals such as Disney Plus Amazon Prime and Hulu. Showmax cannot even begin to compete in the same capacity as Netflix but there is a way showmax can outshine Netflix.

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