Ganool Streaming Website – Download and Watch Movies & TV Series Online on

Ganool Streaming Website is one of the best sites that one can use to download and stream movies online. It is a user-friendly site and due to its features, you would always enjoy using Ganool. What this content will tell you about is the features of the Ganool Streaming Website and also how to download movies from the site.

Ganool Streaming Website - Download and Watch Movies & TV Series Online on

Everything You Need to Know About Ganool Streaming Website

It is a website that allows users to download and any type of movies online at no cost. This means the site is free to use. Apart from movies, users can also download or stream Anime from Ganool. But Ganool does not host any files on its server. This is because all contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.  Below I will be providing the features of Ganool Streaming Website.

Features of Ganool Website

The Features of Ganool Streaming Website is what I would be providing below so check the list below to see them.

  • Downloading of Movies: There are different movies that one can download from the Ganool website in high quality. The categories of movies on the site are much as there are action movies and others.
  • Downloading of KDrama: Movies lovers can normally enjoy watching Korean Drama can get them from this site. This is because the site offers a large variety of Korean Drama for download.
  • Downloading of Anime: Apart from movies and KDrama, Ganool also offers different categories for Anime for download. Anime lovers can simply get one of their choices from the site.
  • Streaming of Movies: One can also streaming movies from Ganool if they want to as this is another feature of the site.
  • Streaming of Trailer: Users can stream trailers from the Ganool website if they like. You can use this medium to get a glimpse of the movie before proceeding to download it.
  • Latest TV Shows: Other features of the Ganool website is that you can get a lot of the latest TV shows.
  • No Subscription: You can explore all the features of Ganool without subscribing. This means the site is free to use.
  • High Definition (HD) Resolution: all the movies, shows, anime and KDrama on Ganool are offered in High quality.

How to Download Movies/Anime/TV Shows from

You can download Movies/Anime/TV Shows from Ganool without undergoing any stress. Follow the steps below to download movies from the site

  • To begin, connect your device to the internet
  • Open your web browser
  • From there visit their official website, you can do this by clicking
  • On the home page, click on the movie you would like to download or search for it using the icon. If you want to download anime, click on the icon with “Anime” which can be found on top of the page. You can also click on “KDrama” if you want to download this set of movies
  • Once seen, click watch movie
  • From there, you can click the download icon, to start downloading the movie.

How to Stream Movies and Trailer from

To stream movie trailer from the Ganool Streaming Website follow the steps below and you can do this very easily. The list below contains the steps you need

  • Open your web browser
  • Visit
  • Search for the movie or click any of them on the homepage
  • Click watch trailer once you have seen the movie


Ganool is a user-friendly website that you can use to download and stream movies so you can proceed to check it out and there would be no regret.


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