6 of the Best Legit Sites for Watching Movies Online in 2022 | No. 4 is Top Notch

When it comes to the number of legal or legit sites to use for watching movies online in 2021, they are not much compared to illegal ones. Yeah, there are thousands of illegal websites online that stream and give you access to download movies at your own risk.

6 of the Best Legit Sites for Watching Movies Online in 2021 | No. 4 is Top Notch

So many people have been patronizing these kinds of sites since the dawn of movie streaming and downloading. But all these article things are going to take a different shape today. As I will be showing you The Best Legit Sites for Watching Movies Online in 2021.

What is a Safe Website to Watch Free Movies? What You Need to Know

Legit or legal streaming sites are websites that have the licences to stream or provide download links to all movies on their platforms. While the illegal ones are that websites that do not have a licence to stream or provide download links to movies.

Illegal websites are prone to always getting banned and that is why you see that they have so many URLs that are similar. This is because when they are URL is blocked they switch to another domain name similar to the blocked one. So that Their users can still easily find Their new website name after changing.

On the other hand, legal download websites do not go through such problems because they do have the licences to the movies. The only problem is that most legitimate movies download and streaming platforms are paid. That’s because they do pay the get the licensing of the movies. and most of the ones that are free to use can not be compared to paid once.

6 of the Best Legit Sites for Watching Movies

Now that You know the difference between legit and illegal movie streaming sites, you might be wondering about safe ones to use. Well, below are the legit safe sites that users use on a daily basis for watching their Favourite movies and TV Series.

1. Netflix

Netflix starts at just $9 a month and you will get a lot of content worth more than the money you are paying on Netflix. The platform is the number one legal streaming platform that you will find, They even make most of their movies themselves.

The Netflix application is available on all platforms you can find in this life. All you need to do is download install and get a Netflix subscription and you are streaming legal movies in no time.

2. HBO Max

If you love HBO movies then HBO Max is the way to go because they have all movies and everything HBO has and more. HBO Max is one of the best legal streaming platforms you will ever find. In fact, it rivals Netflix in so many ways with some of the greatest TV shows of all time like game of thrones and more.

With an HBO Max plan, you will get most of the latest DC movies like suicide squad 2 and the peacemaker series. You can download and install the app on any device you use.

3. Disney Plus

Disney Plus is very new in the game but that does not stop it from dominating, within a few years it will be up there with Netflix and HBO. The Platform recorded a lot of success and gives you access to most Marvel movies. Some of the top series like the Mandalorian, Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and more with just 8$ a month.

You also get access to all Disney animations and movies. The application can be downloaded on most platforms and devices.

4. Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon prime account and you do most of your shopping on Amazon then prime video is your best choice. If you pay $199 A year you will get free 2-day shopping free access to Amazon prime video and a free Kindle book each month.

The above are the most amazing deals I have seen in a very long time. If you do not own an Amazon prime subscription this service will cost you $12 per month. You will get most of the popular movies including Jack Ryan and the boys.

5. MovieFlix

This is the first movie streaming platform on our list that is totally free to use. They let you stream and download all the latest movies with no registration required. However, you can choose to sign up for a free account and get access to their “favourite” feature. The only downside to this platform is that there are ads and lots of pop-ups.

6. Crackle

Sonycrackle is another free-to-use movie streaming service that gives you access to most Sony movies and universal Studios. With a little registration, you get set up in no time to watch movies with ads of course.

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