JAMB Syllabus for 2021 Hausa Language CBT Exam (Jamb.org.ng) | CHECK NOW

For students to prepare well for their examination, it would be better to use the JAMB Syllabus as it would guide them. The syllabus is available for all subjects so candidates should proceed to check them out. Students who would be taking this subject should see the JAMB Syllabus for Hausa Language.

JAMB Syllabus for 2021 Hausa Language CBT Exam (Jamb.org.ng) | CHECK NOW

It would also be better to study for your exam with the JAMB recommended textbooks they contain accurate information. This page will tell you what you need to know about the JAMB Syllabus. It would bring the JAMB Syllabus for Hausa Language and also the recommended textbooks.

What is JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Syllabus

The JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Syllabus contains topics that questions n the examination would come from. Students are expected to use this document to study as it would guide them properly.

Also contained in the syllabus are objectives and this objective would guide students while reading the topics. With the aid of the JAMB Syllabus, students chance of getting higher score or passing their exams easily is guaranteed.

JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Syllabus for Hausa Language

The purpose of the JAMB Syllabus for Hausa Language is to prepare candidates for their upcoming UTME examination. The document is to test their achievement of the course objectives, which are to aid enable the candidates to

  • Acquire the ability to read and write competently in the Hausa language;
  • Know the basic features of Hausa grammar;
  • Have the basic knowledge of oral and written Hausa literature;
  • Have the ability to appreciate the culture, customs and institutions of the Hausa people.

There are topics in the syllabus that would come out in the examination and students are to read them alongside their objectives. To get the JAMB Syllabus for Hausa Language click this link.

Recommended Textbooks

Students are also meant to prepare with the recommended textbooks as they contain adequate and accurate information. The list below contains the books

  1. Introduction to Hausa Grammar BY Galadanci, M.K.M. (1976).

  2. Rayayyen Nahawun Hausa BY Junju, M.H. (1980).

  3. Fassarar Hausa BY Muhammad, Y.M. (2005).

  4. Tsarin Sauti Da Nahawun Hausa, BY Sani, M.A.Z. (1999).

  5. Exam Focus: Hausa Language BY Sani, M.A.Z. et al (2000).

  6. Grammar of Hausa, BY Skinner, N. (1977).

  7. Darussan Hausa 1 – 3, BY Yahaya, I.Y. et al (1992).


  1. Waƙoƙin Bikin Aure, BY Bichi, A.Y. (1979).

  2. Rabe – Raben Adabin Baka da Muhimmancinsa Ga Rayuwar Hausawa, BY Dangambo, A. (1984).

  3. Makaɗa Da Mawaƙan Hausa BY Gusau, S.M. (1991).

  4. Kowa Ya Sha Kiɗa BY Ibrahim, M.S. (1977).

  5. Hausa Customs, BY Madauci, I. et al (1992).

  6. Ɗanmaraya Jos Da Waƙoƙinsa BY Umar, M.B. (1976).

  7. Wasannin Tashe BY Umar, M.B. (1977).


  1. A Hausa – English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary BY Bargery G.P. (1951).

  2. An English-Hausa Dictionary BY Newman, R.M. (1997).

  3. Sabon Ƙamus Na Hausa Zuwa Turanci BY Newman and Newman (1977).

  4. Kamus Na Turanci Da Hausa BY Skinner, N.

  5. Ƙamusun Hausa Na Jami’ar Bayero ta Kano BY CSNL: (2006).

You should not forget that you are to cover all the topic in the syllabus and follow the objectives in them.


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