JAMB CBT Practice App for Mobile (Android): Ace 2024 UTME!

Install our free JAMB CBT Practice App on your mobile device and use its past questions to prepare and pass your upcoming UTME exam easily. Getting ready for exams with the right tools and materials is vital for many reasons.

JAMB CBT Practice App for Mobile (Android) > Free Download!

Over time, we’ve noticed that students often don’t have suitable materials to study for their JAMB exam, so we developed an application to support you in this endeavour.

We recently launched our JAMB CBT Practice app for users to study for upcoming examinations. Our JAMB CBT Practice App for PC is not just ordinary software; it is a tool to help UTME candidate prepare for their exam and achieve a very high score.

This article will describe the app’s features and how to download and activate the software on your mobile device.

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Features of Our JAMB CBT App for PC

Once you download and activate our JAMB CBT UTME practice app, you will be one step ahead of your colleagues in writing UTME. Most of Your colleagues just read without practising with real-time questions as a guide. So, with our app, you can utilize many tools that will prepare you for success in your UTME.

Here are the features You get to enjoy in our JAMB CBT app for PC.

  • JAMB Questions and Answers of Past to Date UTME (2000 – 2023)
  • JAMB Syllabus & Topics for All Subjects in this Year’s UTME
  • Offline Mode
  • JAMB UTME Study Mode (Practice Session)
  • User-Friendly Interface & Tools
  • Free Download
  • JAMB UTME Exam Mode
  • One-Time Activation

The above are the features one can enjoy while using our Mobile app to prepare for this Year’s JAMB CBT UTME. So, let’s dig deeper into what they offer during usage.

JAMB Questions and Answers of Past to Date UTME (2000 – 2023)

Users can bank on many questions and answers to prepare and study for their UTME. The mobile app has up to 18,000 questions and answers on various subjects in past UTMEs from 2000 to 2023.  Users can utilize these questions to their advantage to get a real-time experience of what will and will not come out in their UTME.

On our app, users will get the recommended literary book for JAMB and access the questions for all literary poems and poetry. They get to study the questions and answers on each chapter of the JAMB literature novel, “THE LIFE CHANGER.”

JAMB Syllabus & Topics for All Subjects in this Year’s UTME

One of the primary aims of the JAMB syllabus on our mobile app is to guide users on what topics to read and prepare to encounter on their UTME. Our app happens to have the Syllabus for all the subjects candidates can take on their UTME.

Each JAMB Syllabus contains topics users are to focus on while using the app to study and prepare for their UTME. On the mobile app, students can choose any topic of interest on any subject and practice accordingly.

Offline Mode

Our JAMB CBT Practice app does not require the use of the internet. You can fully access all the application features without an internet connection. The software will only need internet use when you want to activate it. After this, you can access all the features of the OUr JAMB CBT app offline.

JAMB UTME Study Mode (Practice Session)

Our JAMB UTME practice app also comes with a study mode. The users will access all the JAMB past questions and the solution here. Also, students can practice each subject using various topics in this mode.

Also, the answers to these questions in the study mode are well explained in detail. Students can also access each subject’s materials in this mode, making their preparation much more effortless.

User-Friendly Interface & Tools

This JAMB CBT Practice software is designed to be easy and comfortable for students. We specifically built the mobile app so that even a primary school student can easily understand and use it.

We also added some notable tools and features to our software. The tools include a built-in calculator, as found in JAMB UTME software. There is also a “Bookmark Feature”. Any questions that you would like to review at a later time can be bookmarked. You can also get the JAMB UTME syllabi for all subjects.

Free Download

Our JAMB UTME practice app is free to download from the internet. You do not need to pay any purchase fee before downloading our CBT software. As you read further, you will learn how to download the application on your PC.


You also get the JAMB UTME Exam Mode in our software. Here, students will get a feel of what their JAMB exam will look like. In this mode, You will get access to the JAMB 8 Keys:

  • A – select option A.
  • B – select option B.
  • C – select option C.
  • D – select option D.
  • P – previous question.
  • N – next question.
  • S – submit exam.
  • R – reverse questions.

Once you finish the exam, Your result will be displayed on the screen showing your performance. It provides rich result analysis, displaying results out of 400 based on each subject’s performance.

One-Time Activation

Our JAMB CBT practice software requires only a one-time activation. So, there is no need for a monthly or daily subscription after activation. The software does not expire; you can use it continually once activated.

Why You Need to Use Our JAMB CBT Practice App?

Using Naijschool’s JAMB CBT Practice App would be best for many reasons. The list below contains some of them.

  • It Makes You Get Ready for Exams Easily.

Our JAMB UTME CBT practice app is here to make getting ready for your exams super easy! It’s like a friendly helper that makes studying a breeze.

  • It Makes You Practice Like It’s the Real Exam.

With this app, you can practice for the JAMB exam, making it feel like you’re already in the exam room. It’s like rehearsing so you’re relaxed and confident when the day comes.

  • Naijschools JAMB UTME CBT Practice App Provide AOC.

You can use the app to study precisely what you need to know. It helps you concentrate on the subjects and topics that matter, saving you time and making learning more accessible.

  • It Makes You Monitor Your Progress.

After each practice session, the app tells you how well you did. It’s like having a friend who cheers you on for what you’re good at and gives you a little nudge to improve where you need it.

  • You will Get to Learn in Your Way.

This app is fantastic because it has different learning methods. You get to pick how you want to study, making it more enjoyable and tailored to you.

  • It Helps You Manage Your Time Better.

Practising with the app helps you get smart about using your time. It’s like having a tool showing you how to handle your time during the exam, so you’re not rushing.

  • You can Monitor Your Progress with Our App.

Using our JAMB UTME CBT App lets you know your progress and how well you are prepared for the exam by utilizing the exam mode.

Is Naijschools JAMB UTME CBT Practice Mobile App Free?

Our JAMB UTME CBT Practice Mobile App is accessible to download. You can easily download the app without making any purchases online. A demo version is available to help you understand how the application works. However, to enjoy the full features, you must activate the app.

Download Naijschools JAMB UTME CBT Practice Mobile App Now

Downloading our JAMB UTME Practice App comes with some straightforward steps. Remember, the app is free; you can install it on your mobile device once connected to the internet. So, below, you will learn the steps you need to take to download the software for your Mobile Device.

How to Download Naijschools CBT Practice 2024 on Your Android

Our JAMB UTME CBT Practice App is available on your Google Play Store. Here are the steps You need to download the JAMB UTME CBT Practice App for Android devices.

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Search for the App named ‘Naijschools CBT Practice 2024’ or Click on this link to visit the app download page on Your Google Play Store.
  • Click on the app from the search result
  • Click the install button to start downloading the app

Get the JAMB UTME CBT Practice App for iOS

Our JAMB UTME CBT Practice Mobile App is not yet available for iOS. However, it will be out soon, and this post will be updated once we release the software for your iOS. So, currently, you can only access it on your Android Device.

Naijschools JAMB CBT Practice App for Windows USERS: >>>Click Here to Download<<<

How Much Does the CBT Practice App Activation Code Cost?

We are offering the JAMB CBT Practice App activation code for NGN2,000. With this, You will have access to over 20 different subjects. Also, you must note that multiple people can use this software even if they take other subjects in their upcoming JAMB UTME exam.

How Much Does the CBT Practice App Licence Pin/Key Cost?

You can get our JAMB CBT Practice App Licence Pin/Key at a token of NGN2,000. Once You have purchased the pin and activated the software on Your PC, You can fully enjoy the app’s features.

How to Buy the JAMB UTME CBT Practice App Activation Code

Pay N2,000 to the account number below. Direct bank payment (using a bank teller), mobile transfer or USSD payment is accepted:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name: Madago Emuobo Prosper

Account No: 0457681709

After making payment to the above account number, send the following details via WhatsApp Chat or SMS to 08087319518:

  • Product Key (Copy it above)Depositor’s name
  • Phone number
  • Amount Paid
  • Bank Name (Name of the bank you paid to)

Once You’ve sent the above details and we confirm Your payment, we’ll send You Your activation code.


You can use your card to Buy the JAMB UTME CBT Practice App Activation Code. This is possible by making purchases online (Automated Response). However, this is only possible once you are done downloading the application.

How to Activate the JAMB UTME CBT Practice App

Activating the JAMB UTME CBt practice App for your mobile device is straightforward. You can easily connect your device to an active internet connection. To activate your mobile device’s JAMB UTME CBT Practice App, follow the steps below.

  • To begin, you must install the application on your mobile device.
  • Purchase the activation code via any of the means given above.
  • Enter the activation code to activate the JAMB UTME CBT Practice App.


Can I Download the JAMB CBT Practice App for Mobile for Free?

Yes, the JAMB CBT Practice App is free to download for your mobile device. Once you download the app, you will get a demo version, but you need to activate it to enjoy all its features.

Can I Download JAMB CBT on My iPhone or iOS?

No, our JAMB CBT Software is not yet available for iPhones. However, the post will be updated once it is out.

Which Android OS can Run the JAMB CBT App?

Our JAMB CBT Software is Compatible with Android 5 and above. However, to enjoy the app, you should have a higher and newer version of Android.

Do I need to activate the JAMB CBT Practice App before using it?

No, You can use the JAMB CBT Practice App before activating, but to enjoy all its features, You need to activate it.

How can I Activate the JAMB CBT Practice App?

You can activate the JAMB CBT Practice App by following the on-screen instructions once you install the app.

What’s the Difference Between an Activation Code & License Pin/Key?

The License PIN/Key is used to activate the app on the website directly from the app if connected to the internet. However, the activated code is generated by combining the product and licence keys.

How Much is the JAMB Practice App Activation Code?

The JAMB CBT practice app activation code costs as low as NGN2,0000. Once You are done activating the app, you can access over 18,000 practice questions and the answers and solutions.

How Much is the JAMB Practice App License Pin/Key?

Our JAMB Practice App License Pin/Key costs NGN2,000. You can use this in/key to activate your software and get access to the full features of the application.