JAMB CBT Practice App & Software 2021 for PC to Download

Looking for a JAMB CBT practise app for your PC? There are so many out there that are compatible with your PC. You may say you do not need this app because you have already bought pass question but this app is just as important as the past questions. The app will familiarize you with some things that you cannot learn with just past questions.

JAMB CBT Practice App & Software 2021 for PC to Download

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JAMB CBT Practice App for PC

You can download the app online or visit a cyber café to get a copy to install on your PC. Some of these apps have numerous features such as text-to-speech technology, voice control, an intelligent personal assistant. It has over 10,000 past jamb questions and descriptive answers and the various apps emulate the JAMB 2021 CBT engine.

All the questions on the app are also from Past JAMB UTME. This was created to have you practice the same quality of questions in the same testing environment.

Features of JAMB CBT App

These are features that are found in almost all current JAMB 2020 app for PC and they are as follows.

  • The app contains over 10,000 Questions Offline and you get to practice real past JAMB UTME questions from 10 or more subjects with detailed solutions.
  • Some of these apps are completely offline meaning you do not need internet access to practice on the app.
  • Most of the Jamb CBT app allows you to choose individual topics to boost performance in areas that you need improvement.
  • You can select which subjects you want to practice at any time.
  • You also get to practice the latest jamb novel-sweet sixteen, past JAMB UTME questions based on Sweet Sixteen.
  • Built-In Calculator. You will need a calculator to tackle those science subjects and it already available.
  • You will get a detailed Result analysis after each test. This way you know which subjects you are struggling with.
  • Some app has a bookmark feature.  This feature allows you to add a bookmark to an interesting or challenging question, and go back directly to it at any time you want.
  • One thing about Jamb CBT software is how flexible it is. You can answer any number of questions, set your time,  your exam mode. Basically anything.
  • It does Not Expire. You got that right, the software does not expire and you get to use it forever.

Some of the apps have no monthly subscription and the app will always be on your device for any time you need to test your self.

JAMB Navigation Keys

You can use the keys on the keyboard to navigate from one question to another. These are also called shortcut keys.

  • Key P is for moving to a previous question
  • Key N is for moving to the next question
  • Key A is for selecting option A
  • Key B is for selecting option B
  • Key C is for selecting option C
  • Key D is for selecting option D
  • Key S is for submitting. In the JAMB you will need to press the key twice. The first press will ask you if you really want to submit while the second press is to confirm yes.
  • Key R is for returning or cancelling submission after clicking Key S once.

Now you are fully prepared for the upcoming jamb.

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