Full List of the Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

You will get the Full List of the Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic here as they are important and people are looking for them. Re-Logic can be considered as one or fairly new game manufacturers that is currently trending. From hit titles being played all over the world currently.

List of Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

Furthermore, you should know that You are not alone if You are looking for this. However, You will get to know about the Re-Logic company in this post. You will also get other useful details.

About Re-Logic Video Game Company

Re-Logic is a game producing company that was founded in 2011 by Andrew Spinks. The company is an American company that is based in Indiana. This company focuses on 2D games which are rapidly giving them popularity.

Moreover, the most iconic game is Terraria – the revolutionary 2D Sandbox Adventure game being played across all platforms. If you want to know more about all the games from this company stick with me. As I show you the Full List of the Best-Selling Video Games under Re-Logic.

Full List of the Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

Re-logic is kind of a new company it is still rapidly growing because it is doing something that fans like. Although this company has the fewest of games that you can ever think of it’s still carrying on.

Also, The company has only 3 games and we are going to talk about these games and how well they did. Meanwhile, below you will get the Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

1. Terraria

Terraria is the best game that Re-logic has made to date with millions of users around all platforms battling it out. It is an action-adventure sandbox game that features exploration, crafting, building, painting, and combat. With a variety of creatures in a procedurally generated 2D world.

Also, the game was well-received by the public getting much praise from critics and the general audience. Terraria has sold about a 35million copies since its release in 2011 till date with so many people waiting for the second part.

2. Pixel Piracy

Moving from the world of adventure we have the Pixel Piracy game also developed by Re-logic. The game is an indie side-scrolling real-time strategy video game with roguelike elements, developed by Quadro Delta.

Where players can build a pirate ship and then hire and train a crew to become the best pirates in the sea. There is no data on how well this game has done or the number of copies sold.

More Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

3. Pixel Privateers

In addition, Pixel Privateers is where thing takes a little turn in the sense that this game is the first RPG game and only one the company has made. Pixel Privateers is a squad-based tactical RPG “Loot ‘Em Up” game.

In the game, your team of mercenaries is sent through a mysterious wormhole on a quest to gather technology for your employer. This game gives you access to their worlds to explore and encounter. The game is available on steam and across all platforms.

Who works for Re-Logic?

There are several employees that work for this company it has only made 3 games so far. But that those not stop it from being a rapidly growing company. Ted “Loki” Murphy is the head of Business Strategy & Marketing at Re-Logic. He was first the companies manager but now is head of the business. Best Selling Video Games are Under Re-Logic

Meanwhile, there are others that work for this company as well we have Andrew “Redigit” Spinks is the creator of Terraria and the President of Re-Logic. There is also Whitney “Cenx” Spinks who is the Vice President of Re-Logic and Game Designer of Terraria.

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