How to Get the Dating Feature on Your iPhone’s Facebook App

Many users have been asking questions frequently about how to get Facebook Dating app on their iPhone, well the answer to that is here. Yeah, we are here to give you guys an easy-to-follow step to fix.

How to get & use Facebook dating app on iPhone

Why Can’t I Get Facebook Dating App on My iPhone?

There are several reasons for this to occur. However, only the most common reasons are listed.

  • Facebook Version

It’s no big deal to use apps without updating, though you’ll sacrifice not getting newer features on your Facebook app. Using an older version of the Facebook app might not allow using the Facebook dating feature.

  • Trying to use FB dating on a PC

Facebook dating is only available on mobile devices like Android and iPhone. Although, Facebook has announced that they would soon roll a PC version out.

  • Slow connection

If your Wi-Fi connection is slow or you have a slow mobile connection like 3g or lower, the Facebook dating menu might not show because it uses a lot of data to load up the photo associated with the FB dating menu.

  • Age

If you’re below 18 of age, you can’t get the Facebook dating app on the iPhone as Facebook won’t give you access.

  • Location

Mainly the most common reason people can’t access FB dating on their iPhone. Facebook dating is only available in selected countries, Facebook dating is only available in a few selected countries. It is mainly being in the US, however, besides the US FB dating is also available in 45 other countries:


To know where and how to still get the Facebook dating app despite being out of the region, follow the topics below.

Where & How to Find Facebook Dating on iPhone

The Facebook dating feature is embedded in the Facebook app and required that you are above 18 and have been active on our Facebook account. Currently, You can find Facebook dating on iPhone in Facebook in the menu section.

How to Get Fb Dating App Feature on iPhone

As mentioned earlier in this article, we are trying to know how to get Facebook dating on the iPhone.

How to Download Fb Dating on the iPhone

If you’re in any of the listed states above, follow these steps.

  • Log into your Facebook account on your Facebook iOS app.
  • Tap the menu on the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Then tap dating.

However, once you fill in necessary details like pictures and location, it will create your Facebook dating profile using the information on your Facebook Profile.

Although some people will still not be able to access Facebook dating, keep reading to find out why.

How to Get the Facebook Dating App on the iPhone when it is Unavailable in your Country

This method is for people that are not in the listed states above. You can easily use a GPS changer or a VPN to change your location and get the Facebook dating feature on the iPhone.

Sometimes Facebook can detect that you are using a VPN and still not allow you the Facebook dating feature. However, you can also do it manually by following these steps.

Also, before we can dive into the steps, you must first meet these requirements.

  • Your apple music must expire or you can cancel it.
  • Balances or credits on your apple account must be exhausted.

Be that as it may, after you’ve completed them, you can now continue the steps to get the app.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the first menu (where you see your name).
  • Click media and purchases (if you’re on IOS 14 & above).
  • Log in to your Apple ID.
  • Tap on select country and region.
  • Select any country of your choice that is in the selected countries.
  • Change the credit card or payment section to
  • Then put any Billing and Address you want.


Lastly, if you followed this article thoroughly, you’ll be able to access the Dating feature after installing the Facebook App on your iPhone. Just make sure You meet the requirements needed to access the feature, once that’s in place, it’s left for You to use it to meet potential dates.

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