How to Get Reddit on Your Apple Smart Watch

Reddit is one of the best and top social media forums that almost everyone is using today. The forum is so active that there are thousands of threads being created on a daily basis. When it comes to users there are millions of them that make use of this platform every day. So, this post will show You How to Get Reddit on Your Apple Smart Watch.

How to Get Reddit on Your Apple Smart Watch

Most people use Reddit on their phones others do so on their computers. But so many people have wished for a way to use it on their apple watch. Today your wish has been answered because I will show you How to Get Reddit on your smartwatch

Get Reddit on Apple Watch

The apple watch has one of the best app support for any smartwatch that is available however many developers have overlooked the Reddit application. Most developers focus on making other types of innovative apps for watches that overlook some of the simplest things.

Apple on its own does not care if its watch users have certain apps to run certain social media apps. It is now left to smaller developers looking to make a name for themselves to make apps such as Reddit for users.

While there is no official application for Reddit on any smartwatch there are however different 3rd party apps to use it. So to answer your question yes you can get Reddit on your apple watch with many functions.

In fact, there are several ways to use Reddit on your apple watch. However, installing any of the Reddit applications is the best way to do that.

Nano for Reddit

Nano for Reddit is one of the best applications to use Reddit on your apple watch device. This application brings to you the Full Reddit experience just like you normally would to your apple watch. Most of the smartwatch applications out there cannot be compared to their smartphone versions because there are so many compromises.

But the Nano gives your Reddit the full experience with no compromise whatsoever. Using the nano application you can browse Reddit, view images, and respond to comments and messages via scribble or voice. You can even view videos and other long-form of text, news, and more on Reddit.

The nano application does not require a lot of network and internet access to run smoothly as it runs very well on LTE. Also, you can use Reddit on your apple watch even without it being paired to your apple phone. This means that the Nano application can function independently, how nice is that?

How to Get Reddit on Your Apple Watch

Surely, what You will get here is the complete guide on How to Get Reddit on Your Apple Watch as this is currently of the most used apps. In order to use this application, you must first of all download it from the apple watch store on your device. And since the apple store is available on both your apple watch and the apple watch app on your phone it’s to do.

Let’s see how to do that below:

  • Tap up your apple watch and head over to the app store.
  • Now type and search for “Nano for Reddit”
  • When the result is out tap on the nano app.
  • Tap on Get to download and install the application.
  • Now take your iPhone and also download and install the app on it.
  • Log in to your Reddit account and you are good to go.

Once you do that correctly you will now be able to use Reddit on your apple watch without having to pair it with your iPhone.

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