How to Get Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in 2023

If you are like me and looking to get your hands on some NFT then this article is for you. That is because I will be giving you a detailed look at How to Get Non-Fungible Tokens.

How to Get Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in 2022

Non-Fungible Tokens have been around for quite a while now but only exploded to popularity in the year 2023. As a result of the large investment from industries and different brands around the world, NFTs are now a big deal and has attracted so much interest.

What Exactly are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Non-fungible tokens are tokens that are unique and cannot be replaced by any other thing. They contain vital information that is recorded in smart contracts, this is what makes each non-fungible token unique.

As a result of this uniqueness, no 2 NFTs are alike in any way all NFTs you will find is different. An NFT cannot be swapped with another or used to replace another if they are not the same.

One of the very first non-fungible tacos we ever had is the Crypto kitties collectables of which even if you 1 of them to someone and the person sends it back to you it’s not the same. From this example, you will find out that NFTs are different kinds of cryptocurrencies on their own.

If you send someone one bitcoin and you receive one bitcoin back it is the same thing. But for NFT it is not because Blockchain contains unique smart contracts identify on its own.

Because bitcoin is a fungible item so 1 bitcoin can easily be replaced by another, the same does not go for non-fungible items. It’s the fact that no two NFTs are the same is that makes this a different approach to how we collect things.

Now people believe that this can be applied to shake up the work of gaming arts and more as there is the offering of tangible improvements.

How are NFTs Used?

The major application of this kind of token is to make totally different kinds of digital assets as no two are the same.  They can be used to represent anything anyone wants in order to prove the uniqueness of that thing.

You can buy an NFT on anybody in the marketplaces that specialize in selling and buying NFTs and use it to convert any of your digital assets and make them unique. OpenSea and Rarible are examples of such marketplaces that have been dominating for a while now. You can buy NFT from any of these marketplaces.

How to Get Non-Fungible Tokens via Rarible

Let us now see how it is to get Non-Fungible Tokens, now that you have seen and know everything there is to know about NFTs. There are two ways to get a non-fungible token item. You either create one from any of your digital assets or buy an existing one. Let’s see how to create one below:

  • Visit and then tap on the Create button on the top right side of the screen.
  • Now create single or multiple collectables.
  • The next thing is to tap on Choose file and select any of the items you want to use to Create your NFT.
  • Enter a price tap or leave it blank.
  • Choose a name for your NFT and a description.
  • After that set royalties.
  • Select Connect to the wallet and create.
  • Tap on meta masks
  • Then pay the gas fee and click start to sign and the click and then click on sign

You can as well check this link for details on how to buy Non-Fungible Tokens on other platforms

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