Complete Guide on How to Successfully Set Up a Google Classroom | CHECK NOW

Hey, you will have come across the Google Classroom feature and probably wonder how you can set up one. Well, wonder no more cause this article will help provide you with all the important details and how you can successfully set up a Google Classroom.

Complete Guide on How to Successfully Set Up a Google Classroom | CHECK NOW

Google Classroom was developed by Google to help focus less time on tech and more time on teaching. And it has really lived up to its billings. Google classroom has streamlined the classroom workflow and so far, communication has never been easier between teaches and students.

Google classroom carries out some interesting things, and it does them pretty well. And in this content, I would be giving you the Complete Guide on How to Set Up a Google Classroom and some other important details.

What is Google Classroom?

In case you are new to Google Classroom, it is a free application that was designed by — Google. It was created to help teachers and students communicate and can be used to organize and manage assignments, to go paperless, for a collaboration between students and teachers, when teaching from a distance Google Classroom functions like Showbie and other online learning platforms.

This platform was developed on top of Google Drive and Google Docs, meaning it is very easy to use and it is intuitive for any teacher. The platform is not a boring platform as it is accommodated with a lot of surprises.

Things to do with Google Classroom

Like I previously stated, google classroom carries out some pretty interesting activities that would really interest you, and it includes

  • It develops a central home for class activities
  • It enables teachers to create assignments (and other class activities)
  • It helps retrieve assignments from students in the classroom.
  • It helps teachers grade the assignment and make provision for feedback.
  • It returns assignments to students.

If you have not set up your google classroom yet, you really need to do so because there is more than enough to benefit from setting it up both as a teacher and as a student.

How to Set Up a Google Classroom

If you have been searching for How to Set Up a Google Classroom, then with the details below your long search is definitely going to end. The steps on how to set up Google classroom are stated below.

First, go to

  • Google classroom has been made available on google for education accounts as well as the regular Gmail accounts. Any student in possession of a google account can now make use of the Google classroom.

Click the “+” icon located at the top right in other to create your first class

  • If you already have some classes, they would be shown on the home screen. You can add a class by clicking on the “+” icon.

Add details about your class

  • You are expected to add the name of the class. This would be what students identify your class with when they open Google classroom.
  • Make use of this “section” field to differentiate between the different classes of the same type. A lot of teachers would make use of this field for the class period. (this field is optional)
  • With the subject field, you get to select from a list of class subjects or type in your own. (also, optional).

After you have created your class, students can begin to join it

  • By displaying the Join code, you can get students to log in to Google classroom, click on the “+” icon and the “Join class” in other to enter the code. Then they would be added to your class.
  • You can also invite students. This option is pretty great if students do not meet in person in the class. In other to do this, click on the “people” tab located at the top. Then, select the “invite students” icon (the icon with a person and a plus sign). You can choose to invite students individually via their email addresses or by their groups, that is if all the students are in a group.

Customize your Google Classroom

  • The moment your classroom is created, there would be no student. And in other to attract students, you would need to be very creative and click on “select Theme” located on the right side of the header. This would create a gallery of header images that you can make use of to spice up your classroom.
  • You also get to upload a photo in other to display at the top of your classroom. You can choose to make use of your classroom image or something that is relating to your class. You can choose to make use of an image of your class, or something that pertains to your class. Some of the teachers would create a custom header image with some important information and fun graphics.

Now that is the Complete Guide on How to Set Up a Google Classroom. Google classroom is pretty impressive when compared to some other online learning platforms.


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