How to Get the Disney Plus (Disney+) App on a Panasonic Smart TV

You will get the steps on How to get Disney Plus on a Panasonic Smart TV here as the TV is a very big brand and people are looking for it. Smart TVs are the way to go these days if you want perfect entertainment. Your laptop or smartphone screen simply does not cut it.

How to get Disney Plus App on your Panasonic Smart TV

One of the major reasons why people opt for smart TVs instead of sticking with their smartphone or laptop is the size and display quality. Coupled with the functions that a smart TV will offer you you are better off getting one.

Speaking of smart TVs Panasonic Smart TVs are one of the best and most reputable. If you love Disney Plus then getting it on your smart Panasonic TV is simply the best way for you to go.

Disney Plus on Panasonic Smart TV

Disney Plus is simply the best streaming on-demand service if you ask me. Because which other platform combines content from Disney, Starwars, Pixar, Marvel and the national geographic Channel? Disney plus on its own is already great because you already have access to all Walt Disney movies which are top-notch.

In addition to that, the application is integrated with the Hotstar application which is the number Indian movie platform making it more worth your will. The only problem is that two years after the Disney plus launch it is still not available to be installed on Panasonic Smart TVs.

TV manufacturers like LG and Samsung received the Disney plus application during lunch and have been using it since then. But Panasonic and some other few TV makers have been lagging behind. However, the story changed in September 2021 as there was not an official Disney plus application for Panasonic Smart TVs.

Now that the Disney plus application is now available to be downloaded and installed on Panasonic Smart TV. The only problem is not all support the app. Panasonic has assured us that 4K TVs running on my home screen operating system would receive the app.

They also specify that anymore there having EZ, EX, FZ, FX, GZ, GX, HZ, HX, JZ, or JX is getting the app. meaning both OLED and LCD panels will be getting it as well.

How to Get the Application on a Panasonic Smart TV

If you have a Panasonic Smart TV that fits the description of TVs that I have listed above then you can easily get the Disney plus application. You can easily download and install it from your TV and start streaming Disney Plus today.

So let’s see how to get the Disney plus application if your TV supports it below:

  • Turn on your Panasonic Smart TV.
  • Connect it to the internet.
  • Press the home button on your remote control.
  • When the role of applications come up select Disney plus from the list.
  • Open the Disney plus application.
  • Sign in to your Disney Plus account
  • Finally, start streaming.

Stream Disney Plus on Older Model Panasonic Smart TV

If you happen to own an old model Panasonic Smart TV that does not support the Disney plus application you can still make use of Chromecast. This feature lets you mirror your Android screen to your TV.

All you have to do is download the Disney plus application on your iOS or Android stream any movie and press the cast icon. Connect your TV to the same Wi-Fi as your phone and then select your TV from a list and you are done.

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