How to Get the DirecTV App on Your Philips Smart TV

You will get the steps on How to Get the DirecTV App on Your Philips Smart TV as the TV is a big brand a people are looking for it. DIRECTV is considered one of the biggest streaming services in the US alone. It is one of the best and cheapest ways to get entertainment in the country also.

How to Get the DirecTV App on Your Philips Smart TV

Phillips is one of the best manufacturers of television as we know it today. So if you have one there are so many possibilities you could be enjoying right this very moment. However, you are still going to need a little bit of help on How to Get the DirecTV App on Your Philips Smart TV.

What is DirectTV?

DirecTV used to be formally known as AT&T TV. It was purchased by another company and the name was changed to DirecTV. Direct TV is a live TV streaming app that gives you access to so many live channels to stream for a little token.

There are lots of popular live channels that can be streamed using direct TV if you have a subscription and smart television. Not only can you stream live TV you will also have access to popular on-demand videos including hit movies and TV series. As if that is not enough you can also access all the popular channels like NBC, ABS, CBS and more.

Meanwhile, You will get the steps on How to Get DirecTV on Your Philips TV below in this article.

How to Watch AT&T TV on Philips Android TV

Having a Philips TV that runs the Android TV OS is one of the best things that you can ever do. Because having an Android TV OS on your TV is like having another Android phone only bigger. We all know that Android is easily one of the best OS that has ever graced the smartphone community. Therefore carry out the procedure below if you have a Philips TV with Android TV OS installed:

  • first of all power on your television and connect to a working Wi-Fi.
  • Navigate to the homepage of your television.
  • From the home page select apps and then click on Google play store.
  • Tap on the search icon on the Google play store and type in “DirecTV”
  • Now tap the install button and wait for the application to download and install on your TV.
  • Once the application finishes are downloading and installing, open it and then log in to your direct TV account.

Now that you know about this, it’s time to check out How to Get DirecTV on Your Philips TV and you will get it below.

How to Install AT&T TV on Philips Roku TV

Roku TV is one of the most popular groundbreaking new and affordable streaming devices that is available and taking over. Roku TV is here to stay as they have so many streaming channels that you can add and stream for free. And as you have guessed DirecTV can be added and streamed on your Philips TV that runs on the Roku channel store.

So follow the below procedure to know how to install DirecTV on Philips with Roku Channel Store:

  • Turn on your TV and connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Now tap on the home button on your remote control.
  • Select the search option that is on your menu.
  • Carefully type in DirecTV and the search bar and tap on the search button to search for it.
  • When the result is out tap on the DirecTV application and clicks on Add Channel.
  • Tap on Ok after the channel is added and select Go to Channel.
  • Finally, log in to your DirecTV account and you are good to go.

So, these are the steps to get the DirecTV App on Your Philips Smart TV. So, follow the steps according to successfully carry out the process.

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