How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Toshiba Smart TV

If You are among those looking for the steps on How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Toshiba Smart TV, You will get the guide here. Toshiba TVs a some of the strongest and most feature-packed TVs you have ever seen. Toshiba has been manufacturing TV even before some of us were born, and they have been doing so innovatively.

How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Toshiba Smart TV

Today so many households make use of a Toshiba Smart TV and are happy doing so. If you are one of those people that makes use of Toshiba have you heard of Apple TV Plus before?

Apple TV Plus is a very cheap on-demand streaming service that you can couple with your Smart TV for a wonderful experience.

Apple TV Plus on Toshiba Smart TV

The Apple TV Plus application is a streaming service app that is available for you to stream all the Apple original TV series shows documentaries and more. The service is typically owned by Apple has the name Apple TV Plus.

When the streaming service was launched in 2019 it was exclusive of only apple devices. This means that it was only Apple devices that have permission to download and install the application. However, things took a drastic turn in 2021 as the application was made available for all devices to download and install.

Apple TV Plus is an on-demand streaming service just like Netflix Hulu HBO Max or Amazon Prime it provides streaming for a very affordable fee. In fact that at the time of writing this article it is one of the cheapest on-demand streaming services out there.

With just $4.99 a month, you have access to all the Apple original award-winning series and movies in their thousands. You can also decide to buy or rent movies using the Apple TV Plus app.

If you have a Toshiba Smart TV then the job of installing the Apple TV Plus application on it is already half done. Most of Toshiba’s latest smart televisions make use of the Android operating system which is the Android TV OS or fire TV OS. This means that you can install the Apple TV Plus application on it because it is supported on these platforms.

How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Toshiba Smart TV

To install the Apple TV Plus application on your Toshiba Smart TV irrespective of whether it is running on the Android or fire TV OS you have to visit the App Store. It is from the App Store that you can download and install the application to your TV so follow the procedure below:

Install the Application on Your Android TV

To install the application on your Toshiba Android TV 40 below procedure;

  • Turn on your Toshiba Smart TV.
  • Connecting to the internet.
  • Navigate to the homepage.
  • Select the application tab
  • Select Google Play store.
  • Type and search for Apple TV Plus.
  • Select the Apple TV Plus from the results and click on install.
  • Launch the application and send in your Apple TV Plus account.

Install Apple TV Plus on a Toshiba fire TV

  • Connect to Toshiba tv to the internet.
  • Launch Amazon store and search for Apple TV Plus.
  • Install the Apple TV Plus application and sign in to an account.

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