How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Sony Smart TV

One of the biggest television brands currently available is Sony Television and You will get the steps on How to Get Apple TV on it here. Plus You can download and install the Apple TV Plus application and start streaming wonderful Apple TV.

How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Sony Smart TV

The Apple TV Plus gives you access to wonderful apple original TV series and movies that you have never seen before. Coupled with your son’s Smart TV it is entertainment made in heaven. That is why in this article I will show you the best way how to get the Apple TV Plus on your Sony Smart TV.

About Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is apple’s streaming service. it is an on-demand streaming service made by Apple for users to pay and stream movies, series, documentaries TV shows and more. It is an on-demand streaming platform just like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Amazon Prime and others. That lets you stream movies after you have a subscription.

Why compare the Apple TV Plus service to another platform the Apple TV Plus has few contents this is because they favour quality over quantity. They do not have much content like Netflix or any other streaming platform but they have enough quality content that will enjoy anytime you subscribe.

Adjust a subscription fee of 4.99 dollars a month you get all the access to the award-winning apple originals and many features. What airport is in platform launch it was first of all exclusive to Apple devices only? But nowadays you can now install it on any Smart TV or any device you have and also get it free when you buy some apple devices.

Apple TV Plus on Sony smart TV

One of the best smart TV that is available today is the Sony smart television. Sonny has been one of the major smarting manufacturers in the world that we have come to know and love. So many people love Sony smart TV not only because they are used to it but because of its features.

Also, the most latest model of Sony smart television makes use of the Android TV OS. But few of them are actually Sony Bravia television. Both of these Sony Smart TV OS can actually download and install the Apple TV Plus application easily.

The Android TV OS is just like Android for your Smart television and so since the Apple TV Plus application is available for Android it can also be downloaded on your Android TV. So if you have a Sony Android smart television follow the blue procedure to know how to install the Apple TV Plus application on it.

How to Get this Application on Your Smart TV

Follow the below procedures:

  • Turn in your Sony smart.
  • Connect it to the internet.
  • Tap on the homepage.
  • Select Apps.
  • Select Google play store.
  • Type search and download the Apple TV Plus app
  • Allow it to install and launch it
  • Finally, sign in to your account and start streaming.

How to Get Apple TV Plus for UnSupported Sony Smart TV

Most Sony Smart TVs are not supported by this application for reasons only God knows. However, if yours falls in that category the only hope is to use the airplayboe Chromecast feature to stream from your phone.

To do this connect your iPhone or Android phone to the same WiFi as your TV. Now download the app on your phone start streaming and select the cast button on the Apple TV Plus app. Now select your TV from the list and enjoy.

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