6 Steps for Getting Accepted Into Your Dream University (Harvard) in USA

Many 2022 high school students wish to get accepted into the College of their dreams, well this can be a reality with the steps given here. We’ll be talking about Havard University as it’s one of the prestigious universities, people wish to go to. So, hang on and read to the end, will You?

How to Get Accepted to the USA College of Your Dreams in 2022

Yeah, no doubt many high school and college students dream of becoming Harvard students, and so do parents. No matter how elusive the dream may seem, there is always a path to its attainment. And the path to Harvard is not so elusive or unattainable.

6 Core Steps to Follow in Other to Get Accepted by the College of Your Dreams in 2022

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the educational opportunities at some of the most prestigious universities in the world and show you a step-by-step model for turning your dreams into reality.

Step 1: Academic Achievement

What do you think students at Harvard University do most often? Gaining knowledge, of course! Sometimes, they even hire someone to write a paper for them, so they could concentrate more on other study projects. So you, too, today and now need to show that you can learn. And the proof of that is your academic performance.

And so, your first step sounds like this – show the highest academic performance. Remember, though, that you apply one year in advance. When you apply, you must show your academic record for the past three years! That means that you should always study well and be the best in all subjects.

Step 2: Take the Exams as It’s Very Crucial if You Want to Get Accepted into the College of Your Dreams

The SAT or ACT, and AP are waiting for you. A total of two exams confirm your academic stardom. It is the results of these exams that will make the members of the admissions committee consider your application form more carefully. And next, Harvard requires another SAT II.

Please note that all test results must be sent directly to the admissions office of your prospective university.

Step 3: Awards

The best universities await the best. Prove it! Have all your awards for participation in academic extracurricular activities, victories in subject olympiads, and diplomas your academic work has received. Show that you have participated in international competitions or subject conferences, you have always studied more than others. Always!

Step 4: Social Engagement

  1. You work in different kinds of groups or clubs, you do research in school laboratories – so you show the university how you invest your time in your personal development. And it’s not the number of clubs that matters here, but your contribution to the development of this or that activity.
  2. Show that you are a leader, that you have done more, and have been appreciated by your peers by being elected school president or head of the school parliament. You led the Cat Advocacy Society or the Butterfly Society. Whatever you do, you are a leader and others follow you. You are a leader.
  3. Debate clubs are very good for your social fulfilment.
  4. Also, if you love to write – great! Start a school newspaper and become its chief author and editor. Organize a theatre club, and join a social city project. Anything, where you can show your creative talents, is suitable.
  5. “Oh, sports – you are the world!” – Under this slogan, bravely take up your favourite sport. Fighting for Olympic gold is not mandatory, but the very fact of participating in sports is a big plus to your portrait. You have a high possibility to get accepted to the College of Your dreams if You’re a Sportsman or Sportswoman.
  6. Music is a great way to show your all-around development. Participation in international competitions is not an end in itself, but a couple of diplomas in your luggage will add pluses.
  7. And now the most important point in the social engagement aspect – is volunteering. Here you must show a dynamic of volunteer work and at least three years of experience serving the community.
    • You are asking for money for training with one hand, which means you know how to give back to the community with the other. Do it! And learn to enjoy the process of serving others, and learn to give joyfully and lovingly. This will help you become inwardly richer and stronger. This is leadership practice!
  8. It is also wonderful if you can show that you have already worked during the summer vacations in the professional field of your dreams, participated in profile summer camps, worked in laboratories, or taken preparatory courses at other universities.

All of this adds up to the image of a multi-faceted person, and more importantly, a leader who is a great role model for others. Be that as it may, this is the focus of this section of your application form.

Step 5: A Good Essay will Help You Get Accepted into the College of Your Dreams

Here are a few of the recommendations:

  1. Be original, and show what makes you special.
  2. Watch your writing style and academic vocabulary.
  3. Show that you are well-read, use quotations.
  4. Demonstrate your strong character. Tell a story that has been a real challenge for you. What you learned, what you gained from your own mistakes, how you were persistent and hardworking.
  5. Be brief. Be able to reveal your uniqueness within the requirements of the admissions committee. Make them read your essay to the end. You have 250-500 words to spare.
  6. Give your essay to your family and friends, your English teacher, or your fellow students at a summer camp abroad. Get feedback from different sources. Make conclusions. And just now, you will once again write an essay that they will want to read to the end.
  7. And, of course, keep grammar in mind – check your work more than once. A good idea is to find it on reddit essay writing service where professional writers can review your essay and fix all the grammar, linguistics, and other mistakes.

Step 6: Application Form

  1. Firstly, You need to fill out recommendations from your teachers. Choose two people with whom you have the best relationship. Ask them to reveal your talents and tell you what kind of student and leader you are in the classroom and what kind of student they see you as.
  2. There may also be recommendations from your coach if you are excelling in sports. From your teacher in music or other creative arts, if you understand that your achievements in this area will surprise the admissions committee.
  3. This is also where you can prepare additional materials to bring out your uniqueness. Do this only if you know that it is your video or additional description of your successes that will present you as a talented and extraordinary leader.
  4. Fill out your application form carefully. Answer all questions as fully as possible. Try to impress with your achievements and successes, don’t be afraid, and don’t be modest! On ding this Your chances to get accepted into the College of Your dreams is high.
  5. Check that all items on your application form are correct and complete and attach documents according to the list:
    • your application form;
    • your motivation essay that is perfectly edited;
    • your SAT or ACT score (in addition, the originals must be sent directly to Harvard’s admissions office);
    • your SAT II score (again, originals sent directly to Harvard’s admissions office);
    • two recommendations from your professors;
    • Harvard supplement is an additional application form that will provide more information about your academic and extracurricular interests;
    • your application for financial aid (if you are eligible);
    • your report cards for the past three years, with translations, notarized and apostilled if you are from a foreign country;
    • the academic transcript of your current academic performance, translated and notarized if you are from a foreign country.


And now for the main thing – You must send all of your admission documents by November 1, the year before you enrol. The University Admissions Committee recommends that you send your documents by October 15! In this case, by May 1 you will receive the desired answer. Lastly, it is up to you and your many years of effort to determine what it will be.

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