How to Download and Use Internet Download Manager (IDM) App on Your Andriod Device

There are many download managers but the Internet Download Manager (IDM) stands out from the rest.  The only problem with this download manager is that people think it is only available on pc… don’t panic do not click away yet. Because in this article I will be showing you how to download IDM on Android that’s right. If you love this download manager and have been looking for a way to get it on your Android devices then you are in luck.

How to Download and Use Internet Download Manager (IDM) App on Your Andriod Device

No doubt, out of the thousands of PC download managers IDM is the best of the best amongst them. I personally have been using IDM for years and it has never let me down not even when there was a very poor internet connection. So, read to the end of this content for details about the download manager and how to get it on Your Android device.

What You Need to Know About About Internet Download Manager (IDM)

This application is really a download manager indeed because it’s your one-stop shop to ending your download problems. This download manager is like any other one but it does what those other one does 10 times better and has any features they don’t have.

One of the qualities I love most about this application is the speed at which it downloads your files even with a poor internet connection. And also the ability to download multiple files at the same time and at the same speed is another thing worst considering it for.

IDM uses a very powerful engine to receive your internet data in the fastest possible way and accelerates your download files for faster downloads. This application as you all know is that it has fluidity in terms that it supports all popular browsers and is even unpopular ones.

Features of IDM

One of the main reasons while this download manager is so popular just as I have said tiles with outnumbering on this article is its features. Not every day and not ever have we seen any other download manager as feature-packed as the IDM. So, on that note here are the top IDM features you might not even know about;

  • It supports all popular browsers
  • Supports downloading files with one click.
  • Resume download is also supported
  • Has a simple installation wizard
  • Checks your downloading files for virus
  • Different types of proxy servers are supported
  • The interface is very customisable.
  • Organise your downloads into different categories
  • Has a quick update feature
  • Dragging and dropping of links is also supported
  • Finally, IDM is a multilingual application.

How to Download Internet Download Manager on your Android

No doubt, PC users have been looking for how to download the IDM (Internet Download Manager) app on their Android devices, but to no avail. But thanks to the geniuses of some hard-working individuals there is finally a way to download it on Android. So, if you are among those looking to follow the procedure I have laid down below to get it on your device, let’s go;

  • First things first on your Android device visit this link as it will carry you to the download page on Google Play Store.
  • After the page, is fully Loaded scroll down and then tap on
  • Now once that is done the application will start to download.

All that is left to do now is to wait for the application to get completely downloaded and start using and enjoying it just like on a computer. With the above steps, you can IDM on Android anytime or anywhere.

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