How to Create JAMB Profile for 2022/2023 UTME Online Registration

Students who are preparing for the JAMB examination are advised to create a profile before they can register for the examination. Students who are just hearing of the JAMB profile should note that it is an account one need to create before applying for the examination.

How to Create Your JAMB Profile in 2022

Students are often confused about How to Create a JAMB Profile and so continuously ask questions about how to carry out this process.

It would be better to create a JAMB profile immediately after the registration has started and this profile is very compulsory. The details in your profile must include your date of birth, name and other important documentaries. This content will tell bring all the steps you need to follow when trying to create a JAMB profile.

How to Create JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Profile

If you’re wondering about the steps on How to Create a JAMB Profile in 2022, then You should note that there are different methods available. All you just have to do is to follow the steps that best suit you.

As said earlier, the JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Profile is what you need to create in order to apply for the examination. Follow the methods below to do that

Method One: Online via JAMB Website

  • As the name implies you will need an internet connection to carry out this process and firstly you will need to visit the JAMB portal. You can do that by clicking this link
  • Fill and confirm your e-mail in the required field
  • Provide and confirm your mobile number
  • Click “select” in order to choose your security question
  • Provide and confirm your secret answer
  • Select the option “Confirm Email”
  • Confirm the mail sent to your email
  • Click the link sent to you by JAMB
  • On the sign-up page fill in your personal details like your name, surname, date of birth and the rest

Method Two:  Using the JAMB APP

  • On your android device, visit the play store and download the JAMB mobile app
  • Open the app you downloaded
  • Select the Sign-up option
  • Fill in your email address
  • Confirm your email address this is just to check if the information you provided is correct
  • Select your security question
  • Enter the answer to your security question
  • Select continue
  • You will see a new page, enter and confirm the password you would like to use
  • Fill in your personal details like your name, surname, date of birth and any other information
  • Select your Country
  • Provide your State of Origin and LGA of Origin
  • Finally, select sign up

Method Three: Via NIN

  • On your phone, open the SMS app
  • Type NIN
  • Send the message to 55019 and you should note that it would cost N50
  • From there follow the instructions that will be provided and note that two people can not share the same number

These are the steps you would need to create a JAMB profile but you would have to follow certain precautions. One point you should note is that a smartphone or computer is needed to create a JAMB profile online. Also, you would need to make sure that the information you provided in the form is accurate and correct.

If you are taking the JAMB examination for the second to the third time and you are getting the same profile code then there is no need to be bothered. This is because JAMB can also give you the same profile code given to you the previous year.

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