How to Activate Step Card Online at & App; STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

Activate Step Card Online at is an online banking platform created to activate a step card for teens or kids, who may have not exceeded the age of 18. It also gives parent/guardian access into the child’s step card account.

Activate Step Card Online via & App; STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

Step gives kids and teens the opportunity to be financially responsible. In the sense that all the money coming in & out of the child’s account is monitored by the sponsored (a parent or guardian). Read below on how to activate card on

What is Step Card and is it worth it?

As said earlier, it is a platform for giving parents the chance to train their children or teens in money skills. Making use of this feature of watching all their payment and being able to put a limit on their account will gradually help groom your children in becoming responsible in money matters. Note Step is only available in the United States!!!

If you are below the age of 18, you must need a sponsor, either your parent or a guardian 18 and above. You will also need your guardian to download the step app and create an account for you.

Well, is it worth it? Yes. This will surely help your children in giving value to money unlike some kids who spend money extravagantly.  Also, know that don’t have any monthly subscription fees as others and they don’t charge for credit card interest.

-What Does it Mean to Activate Step Card Online?

After signing up and you get your card, you will need to activate it through the Step App for use. That is, you will not be able to run any transactions on the step card or the app. However, once you activate it, then its ready for use. Scroll down to check the steps on how to activate the step card online.

– How Does Step Card Work Online?

The cards work like a debit and credit card, but its different. Here, the app can help improve your credit score without any kind of unnecessary interest with the step smart pay feature. Also, with your visa step card, you can only make use of what is in your account, that is you cannot exceed what you have in your step card account.

Anytime you use your step card, it “reflect positively on your credit history”.

Is Step card Legit to Activate?

Of course, it is. You should be able to trust, it is truly something that will benefit you and your child. Have it in mid that their services are provided in line with Evolve Bank & trust. To add, it is also insured by FDIC for up to $250k for users. Also, step is obviously powered by visa.

Types of Step Card to Activate make use of only the secured type of card, which is the Visa card. The visa card isn’t a debit or a credit card, rather it’s a type of card few more features than the normally “known bank cards”.

Step Card for Teens

This is the card you get after creating your step account. This card given to the child/teen can be viewed at any time by the sponsor (i.e., guardian or parent). As mentioned, this card can be spent by the child without them worrying about overspending. With this card for teens, it can be used in ATMs to withdraw money.

Giving your child this card isn’t just to allow them spend anyhow, the app come with feature that helps manage how the kids spend their money. Also, with the watch of the parents, they can gradually tell them how to go about it if they spend on things that are unnecessary.

Some parents have issues giving their children money(cash) immediately for either emergencies or other, well having a step account for them will be much easier. You will just need to send them money through your sponsor account on the step app.

How to Activate My Step Card

Do you need to activate your step card? Check below with all necessary steps you need to activate your account Card on the Step app & site;

How to Activate Your Card Online via

To activate your card via the website is pretty much the same thing as the app. Well, here is how go about it;

  1. Go to
  2. And Log into your step account
  3. Click on Manage Card
  4. Click on your Physical Card
  5. Click Activate, then follow the procedures.

– How to Activate Your Step Card Online via Step Mobile App

If you have a mobile phone to use, here is how to activate your step card on the mobile application;

  1. Get the Step mobile app on your IOS or Android device
  2. Log into your step account
  3. Then, tap on manage card
  4. Next, tap on your physical card
  5. Tap activate, then follow the prompts.

– Step Card Activation Number

Your card activation number are the sets of numbers within your card. These numbers may be needed when trying to validate your Step account. here are the list of numbers on your card;

  • 12 digit Card number
  • Expiry month/year
  • 3 digit CVV code


Lastly, it is very advisable to engage your teens in setting up a money account just like, which trains the child in being responsible with spending and saving money. Do not forget this is only for U.S residents for now. Also note that you must need a sponsor to help activate your step card.

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