How to Activate the Debit Card Card Activation

Get to know all about the activation of debit cards for your kids on by training them on how to budget money and save. This will groom our children in becoming more responsible in the future with money skills and other lessons with the help of Card Activation. Card Activation; How to Activate Gohenry Card

What is Gohenry Card Activation

This platform provides us with a great opportunity to allow us, parents, to give kids access to our debit cards with the feature of keeping track of their spending also. Primarily, this is a manager app parents use to monitor the spending of their kids. Which you can use to correct them or train them for the future to be able to apply it to the real world when they are older.

As a parent, you can also use this feature to reward your kids with money maybe after doing some chores or others. This will teach them that money does not come easy, so doing this will help groom them.

In addition, Card Activation can only be run with the presence of a guardian/parent. That is this card given to your kids is linked to the Gohenry parent login, although the guardian can control however you may want the child to spend.

Also note that Gohenry isn’t just a bank, and it isn’t protected by “the financial compensation scheme” (FSCS). Rather it is issued by the “IDT financial service” that is managed by the “Financial conduct authority” (FCA) Card Activation Requirements

Need help with the requirement for Card Activation. Well, here we will provide you with all you will need to get your Gohenry card for you and your kid activated.

The first thing to consider is to download the app for both you (the parent) and your kid. You may also use the site as the parent, but using the app is the best way.

Here you will create the Card Activation through the app or website as the guardian/parent. During that, you will put in the details of the child, like his username, full name, password, and PIN.

  • Within the age of 6-18

On the Gohenry card login platform, the child age requirement has to fall under the range of 6-18. For kids who have not reached the age of 6 can’t be added to the Gohenry platform, and also those who are above 18 cannot be regarded as a child anymore.

How to Process Activation of New Card on

Once you’ve created your Card Activation, the next thing is to activate the child’s card on either the Gohenry site or app. Below are the steps you should take to activate the kid’s account card on Gohenry;

– Gohenry.Com Card Activation Process

  1. Go to the Gohenry app or site & login to your account
  2. Tap on activate next to your child’s name
  3. Next you will follow the step-by-step instruction on the page
  4. After that, your child’s username, password, and PIN will be displayed on your Gohenry account.
  5. Finally, you can now log in your child’s information on his/her app.

– Activate Contactless Card

This is a feature that allows you to make wireless payments to a card reader. The parent may wish to enable/disable this feature for the child. Also, if your child wants to make a payment to a card reader (wirelessly), there is a limit of £50.

But for the first transaction, you will need to use the Chip & PIN function, after that the child can run it normally without any PIN function.   


Lastly, the Gohenry card activation is a really good idea to help teach your kids money skills such as budget and savings. Also, note that the Gohenry card given to the kids is a VISA card only. The card works as the same cards by banks; the Gohenry card can also withdraw from ATMs Card Activation offers free 1-month membership and after that, you continue to pay £2.99 per child on the site each month.

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