13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Wife in December 2022

The Bible tells us that “he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing”, and as a responsible man you are supposed to love and cherish your wife. One way you can show her love is by constantly praying for her. There are several new month prayers you can pray for your wife in December.

13 December 2022 New Month Prayer for Your Wife

13 New Month Prayers for Your Wife in December

Here are 13 new-month prayers for your wife this December;

1. The First Prayer for Your Wife in This New Month of December Should be a Prayer for Good Health:

We have often heard the saying that health is wealth. You and your wife are one, if she’s not in a good shape, there’s no way you would be in a good shape.

2. Prayer for Fruitfulness:

Fruitfulness can be manifested in different ways. But we can all agree that the fruit of the womb is one of the things every woman or couple wants. So this new month, pray for the gift of fruitfulness for your wife:

3. Prayer for Blessings:

We know that as religious people, we need more and more of God’s blessings. In this new month, pray for God to bless your wife abundantly.

4. Prayer for Favour:

Favour from God is very important to man. Pray that your wife gets favoured by God and man.

5. Another Prayer for Your Wife in This New Month of December is Prayer for Grace:

Because in this life that we live, grace is very much needed to attain certain things that we want to achieve. You need to pray for the grace of god over your wife’s life.

6. Prayer for Protection:

We can see with the happenings in the world that the world is slowly but surely coming to an end and as much as we are careful, only God can truly protect us.

7. Prayer for Understanding:

I know for certain that all men want an understanding woman for a partner. You need to pray that in this new month of December, god gives your wife the spirit of understanding so you both can have a happy marriage.

8. A Prayer for Your Wife in This New Month of December is Prayer for The Strength to Pray:

A strong and powerful woman is a praying woman. If your wife is equipped with the strength to pray, I don’t think there could possibly be any problem with your family.

9. Prayer for Happiness:

Praying for happiness for your wife in this new month of December is very important because if your wife is happy, she’ll be able to tend to things in the house properly.

10. Prayer for a Good Job:

Times are tough now and all hands need to be on deck to provide for the family. That’s why a good job is necessary for your wife and a promotion at her place of work isn’t a bad idea either.

If perhaps, your wife in the working class is an entrepreneur or the boss of her own self, pray for sales and steady income.

11. Prayer for Breakthrough:

Everyone needs a breakthrough and your wife is also among them. Pray that in this new month of December, your wife gets that breakthrough she’s looking for.

12. Another Prayer for Your Wife in This New Month of December is a Prayer for Contentment:

This new month of December that we’re about to enter means the year has already come to an end. It also means we are about to enter a festive season. Pray that your wife is content.

13. Prayer for Good Friends:

It is essential that you pray that your wife surrounds herself with good people. Not the kind that would give her bad advice.


It is one thing to find a good thing; it is another thing to be able to maintain it properly. I am really glad that you love your wife so much you want to pray for her. I hope this article has been able to give you a head start on prayers for your wife in this new month of December.

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