13 Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Wife in April 2023

Here you will get to see some amazing prayer points you can send to your wife in the new month of April. And, trust me these prayer points will definitely do wonders in the life of your wife as she starts this new month, a new beginning.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Wife in April 2023

13 Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Wife in April 2023

The following are some of the new month prayers you can send to your lovely wife in April:

1. Open Doors

I pray that in this new month, doors that had previously been shut will now begin to open. Also, doors will begin to open in your life and lead you to greener pastures. Also, enjoy the new month.

2. Ability to see forward

The ability to look forward and see greatness, I pray it is now yours. Also, you will look forward and see opportunities for yourself, when you see them, you will not lack the ability to act. Hence, as opportunities present themselves, you will be ready.

3. Light of God is Among the New Month Prayer points for your Wife in April

In your life, let the light of God shine. It’ll illuminate every area of your life, darkness will have no place to stay in your life. Furthermore, the light of God will shine on the lives of your family members

4. Victory

I pray that God will fight your battles for you. Hence, victory will be constant. So, go out and claim your victory. So, march forward and constantly be victorious. Enjoy the new month.

5. Kindness

Your heart will be full of kindness. You will constantly want to be kind to those around you. And, as your kindness spreads, it will also get returned to you and your family. Happy new month.

6. Patience April: New Month Prayer for your Wife

I pray that the Lord will bless you with a patient spirit, a spirit willing to wait for him. Moreover, you will reap the fruits of your patience.

7. Growth of those Around You

You will get to see the growth of those around you, family, friends, and all those that concern you. In addition, as they grow, you will grow.

8. Finding your Place

You will not waste time in life searching for your place or who you are meant to be. Your eyes will be opened early. And, you will be ready to act.

9. Prayer for Movement in the Life of Your Wife in the New Month of April

You can consider sending this to your mom. Hence, forward movement is your portion going into March. In addition, you will move fast.

10. Grace

Grace will constantly abound in your life. In addition, the grace of God will bring more positive things to your life. Happy new month.

11. Testimony

Your mouth will never run dry when it comes to testimonies. Also, the Lord will constantly do great things for you. And, your family members will never lack reasons to testify.

12. Thanksgiving is on the List of New Month prayer Prayer for your Wife this April

You will always be able to render thanks to the Lord through song and dance, in any way, you will be able to praise and thank the Lord. Also, your thanksgiving will always be acceptable in his sight. Happy new month, Enjoy the month.

13. Prayer against evil manipulation

Hence, your body and your mind will not be used to perform evil acts. In your life and in the lives of those around you, rather, you will be a gift to many.


Prayer is a very powerful weapon in the bringing down of strongholds and the attack on the plans of enemies and minions. However, we must always be mindful of those around us, we must “watch and pray” in order to get the best results.

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