13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in December 2022

Every new month is a great time to offer a prayer for your son and the new month of December is here again. Prayers can go a long way in building your son’s faith and trust in your love and concern for his well-being. It is a really healthy way to show love.

13 New Month Prayer to Send Your Son in December 2022

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in December

You can Wish your Son a happy New month in December with prayer and here you see some amazing prayers you can send him.

1. Prosperity

“I pray for my son, in this new month of December. Any he touches shall prosper, he won’t invest his time, energy and resources into anything that will crash. Amen. Happy new month my boy”

2. Progress

A prayer for progress for your son in the new month of December is very appropriate. “Happy new month son, I pray for all-around progress, you will continue to progress and never be stagnated or retrogress in life. I love you”

3. Kindness is One of the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in December

The world is in so much pain, and the ability to show kindness is a very great virtue to possess. “I pray that in this new month, may you be able to show kindness to all those around you, and may you find kindness in the people around you too. Amen”.

4. Understanding

“I pray for the spirit of understanding upon your life in this new month of December. The ability to understand circumstances around you and how to handle them and also the ability to understand the people around you and how to relate well with them”.

5. Growth

A prayer for growth will be appropriate in the life of your son this new month of December. “I pray for growth, in your career, your mental capabilities, your emotional life and everything that concerns you. May God cause rapid and solid growth to happen to you. Amen, happy new month”.

6. A Prayer for Favour is Among the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in December

In this new month of December, I speak favour upon your life, men will favour you, systems will favour you, institutions will favour you. You will not experience any form of disfavour in this new month. Amen”

7. The Spirit of God

“Dear son, my prayer for you in this new month of December is that may you be filled with the spirit of God. May he uphold you, guide you, direct you and preserve your life and destiny. Happy new month”

8. Safety

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous as the days go by. A prayer for safety is timely and appropriate. “In your going out, you are preserved, in your coming in you are preserved. The hand of the enemy will neither see you nor yours. You are covered in the blood of Jesus. December will not bring sorrow to your life. Happy new month”.

9. Direction is One of the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in December

It’s very easy to get confused and lose direction the times we’re in. Too many distractions and seemingly appealing options. “In this new month of December dear son, may you find direction? Anything that will crash, may not be found there. Anything that is contrary to the plan and purpose of God for your life, may you not enter therein. Amen”

10. Excellence

“I pray for the spirit of excellence, among your peers and even those ahead of you, you’ll excel. Failure is far from you and your work. Happy new month my son. Go and live in excellence.”

11. Prayer for Faith

“No matter what you have experienced or are yet to experience in life, may it never bring you to the point where you lose your faith in the existence and capabilities of God. Grace to keep believing. Happy new month.”

12. Prayer for Health is Among the Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in December

A new month’s prayer for the health of your son in December can never be out of place. Health they say is wealth. “I pray for your physical and mental well-being, may nothing tamper with it. Sickness will never find habitation in your body. You’ll grow from strength to strength, both physically and mentally. Happy new month”.

13. Peace

“May you experience peace all around. The peace of God that surpasses all understanding shall be your portion. Your soul will have no reason to worry or lose its peace in this new month. Happy new month son”.


Prayers go where we can not go, so every opportunity you get to pray for your loved one should not be taken for granted. Pray from your heart.

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