13 Happy New Month Prayer to Send to Your Son in April 2023

Here you will get to see some amazing prayer points you can send to your son in the new month of April. And, trust me these prayer points will definitely do wonders in the life of your son as he starts this month.

13 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Son in April 2023

New Month Prayer to Send to Your Son in April

1. Growth of those Around You

Hence, I pray that in this new month, as you grow and reach new heights, definitely, those around you will not become stagnant. Happy new month, wishing you the absolute best this month.

2. Finding your Place

You will not waste time in life searching for your place or who you are meant to be. Your eyes will be opened early. And, you will be ready to act.

3. Prayer for God to Guide the Movement of your Son in the New Month Of April

In this new month, the month of April, I separate every backward pulling force from your life. In addition, you will move fast.

4. Gratitude

The Lord will grant you a heart that is full of gratitude, you will always have reason to show gratitude to God. And, as you show your gratitude, the lord will move mountains in your life.

5. Closeness to family

Hence, in your journey, you will bring people close to God, and you will also be able to stay close to your family. You will not neglect your family. Also, your family will be God-fearing. Enjoy the new month, definitely, your family relationship will be stronger.

6. Ability to inspire: Prayer for your Son in the New Month of April

If in a place to preach or inspire others, your preaching will not reach dead soil. It will inspire those around you to give their lives to Christ or even become pastors. And, those you inspired will become sources of inspiration.

7. Prayer against evil manipulation

Your body and your mind will not be used to perform evil acts. In your life and in the lives of those around you, rather, you will be a gift to many. Happy new month. Here are other new month prayers for your son.

8. Prayer to be the head

As you move forward in life, in every positive manner/endeavor, you will always be found as the head. And, I cast out everything leaving you as a tail.

9. Prayer to keep evil far away is One of the New Month Prayer points for your Son in April

Evil will constantly be far away from you. Also, no evil will happen to you and, no evil will occur in your presence. Moreover, no evil will occur in your family and to your family members.

10. Good Friends

Hence, I pray that the friendships you get involved in will not be ones that destroy you but make you into a better person. Moreover, your friends will be a great example to you and vice versa.

11. Blindfold Enemies

Every unknown enemy trying to destroy you, let the lord almighty blindfold them In Jesus’ name, Amen. Happy new month to you my lovely son. Also, we wish you the best during this month, you will not be in your enemy’s territory.

12. Prayer against the weapons of the enemy is Another Prayer for your Son in the New Month of April

Every weapon of the enemy fashioned against you, for whatsoever reason shall never prosper. And, by God’s grace, you now dwell in the secret place of the highest and under the shadow of the Almighty.

13. Optimism

The ability to look at things positively, to see a possibility for growth even in negativity, is yours. Also, you will be able to act and grow. Enjoy the new month with this optimistic attitude.


Lastly, keep on praying, and keep seeking God’s mercy. The journey may be hard for some anime and easy for others. But really, all that matters is the end, when you dwell in the secret place of God. We hope you find answers to your prayers.

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