13 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2024 New Year | No. 4’s Top Notch

If you are looking for good movies to watch this new year, PLEX is surely available to give you the best of all. However, when it comes to love, comedy, action and other types of movies, PLEX has it all in stuck for you to relax and watch this new year.

13 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this New Year

13 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this New Year

These are some of the amazing movies and, are as follows:

1. Zero Days

This movie is for those who are lovers of documentary movies. Also, it is an American documentary and the director of the movie is Alex Gibney.

2. Dogtooth

A very interesting movie you won’t want to miss watching. And, this is because it is a movie with lots of drama where a father locks his three kids for reasons you will want to know about.

3. We the Animals is Among the Good Movies you can Watch on PLEX this New Year

Evan Rosado played a very good role as Jonah in this movie. Moreover, the director of this fabulous movie  is Jeremiah Zagar.

4. Raising Victor Vargas

If you a lover of romantic movies try not to miss out on watching “Raising Victor Vargas” this new year. And, the movie is all about a man Victor Vargas whose thoughts is only about girls.

5. Blind Spotting

The movie “Blind Spotting” is about an ex-convict with the struggles of finishing his probation. So, make sure you watch this amongst other good movies.

6. The Whistleblower: Good Movies to Watch on PLEX this New Year

Kathy who is a police officer gets a Job offer to work with the United Nations. Besides, she was later fired because she got to know about a human trafficking ring, make sure you watch this movie to ease your suspense.

7. Goon

This movie is a comedy and sport type of movie you should not miss watching this new year. And, the director of this great movie is Michael Dowse. A movie Starring Seann William Scott; Jay Baruchel and others.

8. Lady Vengeance

Make sure you don’t miss out on watching this interesting movie especially if you among those who love k-dramas. However, in this movie a lady is wrongly accused of killing someone and was in prison for years.

9. Watch Good Movies like “Stuck in Love” this New Year on PLEX

A writer’s wife left him for another man and he put lots of efforts in raising his teenage children. Also, the director of this romantic movie is Josh Boone.

10. Woman at War

This is also one of the good movies you can watch this new year And, trust me you will surely enjoy every part of this great movie filled with lots of drama and comedy.

11. The Guilty

An American crime thriller movie about a police detective that was demoted to 911 operator duty. So, relax and watch this amazing movie.

12. Detachment Should be on the List of Good Movies you will Watch this New Year on PLEX

Watch this interesting movie “Detachment” on PLEX this new year. So, get to know what happens to a substitute teacher who never stays long enough to bond with his colleagues and students.

13. The Imposter

Another great movie for those who are lovers of documentary and mystery movies. And, the director of this movie is Bart Layton and it is worth watching on PLEX.


Try not not to stress yourself or spend too much time in searching for good movies to watch on PLEX because we are here to help you with that. So, all you have to do is to choose among the movies above that will be available for you to watch on PLEX.

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