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Watch amazing good movies on Disney Plus this 2023 June, here you will see some good movies that have been released and are currently available on the Platform. The platform offers a great variety of movies for different audiences, you can watch horror, adventure, biography, thriller, sci-fi, and even family-friendly movies.

Watch Good Disney Plus June Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2023 June

June 2023 is already here and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Disney Plus that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Disney Plus this June.

1. Panther: Wakanda Forever

We all love black panther and it is one of the best Marvel movies to date, now this sequel to the first movie shows us the death of Black Panther and how follows his younger sister who is still grieving but would have to step up.

2. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

This is a movie that is a must-watch and if you have watched it already then it is due for a re-watch. This movie follows Chip and Dale after they separated but are brought back together due to some circumstances.

3. Freaky Friday is One of the Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this June

This movie follows a family whose strict matriarch is turned inside out when her body is inhabited by the personality of her young daughter. The movie is definitely a classic and is worth watching.

4. Wreck it Ralph

This family-friendly movie would make watching movies with your kids worth it. The movie follows Ralph of the Wreck Ralph game as he becomes more confident in himself and also gets to make new friends.

5. Who framed Roger’s rabbit

This classic movie is definitely worth re-watching. The movie shows us animation that is seamlessly blended with live action. This comedy and action movie is one that will captivate you.

6. Hercules

Hercules is one of the Disney movies that is just amazing. The movie follows Hercules as he finds himself in a world of humans and Gods. The movie also has great musical numbers that are just amazing.

7. Chang can dunk is One of the Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this June

For the sports fan, this is a basketball movie that follows Chang who is a sixteen-year-old Asian American student who made a bet with the school’s basketball star player that he can dunk by homecoming.

8. Crater

This is a Disney Plus original movie released May 12 and it shows us the adventure of Caleb Canning who was raised in a mining colony but is forced to leave due to the death of his father.

9. Peter Pan and Wendy

This movie that is a Disney adaptation of the tale “The boy who never grew up”. This live-action remake follows Peter and Wendy as they embark on an adventure in Never Never Land.

10. Empire of Light

The movie Empire of Light shows the story of a group of people who are brought together by a theater. The movie explores different issues such as mental illness and also racism, it also celebrates the magic of movies.

11. Aquamarine is One of the Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this June

Aquamarine is a movie that follows a group of friends who on their last summer together meets a mermaid swimming away from home. The movie shows us as the girls form a great friendship.

12. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

This is the third ant man movie that expands on the storyline of the Quantum realm and it is an action-packed movie that is perfect for the action lovers.

13. Venom is One of the Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this June

This is a great movie to watch and possibly re-watch. Venom is about a man who has an alien living inside of him. The man becomes an anti-hero of sorts despite that the alien eats people.

14. Rye Lane

This movie follows Yas and Dom both who after experiencing a bad break up bump into each other. Dom and Yas decide to help each with their ex-lovers.

15. Prom Pact is One of the Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this June

High school senior Mandy is focused on getting into Havard no matter what and does not care for prom but when she is waitlisted she decided to start tutoring Graham who she despises hoping that his father would recommend her.


You watch these movies while waiting for the release of new movies in June and some of them would be perfect for family night or when you are spending time with friends. These movies are great and you can easily watch them from your mobile device using the Disney Plus platform.

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