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Apple Tv plus has a lot of good June movies to offer its viewer and sometimes the list is so long that you don’t even know what to watch anymore. To make the searching for a movie easier for you here are some good movies that you can enjoy on the platform and with this list you can now spend more time watching movies than searching for one to watch.

Watch Good Apple TV Plus June Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2023 June

June 2023 is already here and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Apple TV Plus that will make Your month a whole lot more fun.

1. A thousand and one

This is a fairly new movie and it features an amazing performance by the actors the movie is about a mother and son who are clinging to home and hope in the face of some challenges. The movie is filled with tragedy and hardship and has quite an inspiring tale.

2. Fireball: Visitors from darker worlds

This movie is a documentary about the stars and if you love the stars then you will love this documentary. The documentary is about meteorites and space debris, however, they also discuss astronomical materials.

3. Tetris is One of the Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this June

This movie is a mystery, thriller, and biography all in one. In this movie will get to know more about the history of the game Tetris. In this movie, a man discovers the addicting game and does all he can to make sure that the whole world plays it.

4. The five-year engagement

This is a great movie to watch it is a comedy romance and the movie is one that runs for two hours, you get to watch the character laugh and love in this comedy romance.

5. Sharper is One of the Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this June

In addition, this is one of the movies to watch in June. Meanwhile, this is a crime drama that would have you at the edge of your sit. Also, is a movie where motivations are suspect and motivations are turned upside the movie is one where you get to watch a con artist takes on billionaires.

6. Cherry

In this drama, we get to see where a Veteran of the Iraq war returns home from his role as a medic and has severe PSTD. Meanwhile, he struggles to get back into the world as a civilian. Also, this movie features Tom Holland as the Veteran.

7. The elephant queen

This is a documentary that shows us elephants and their queen. Also, in this documentary, we watch Athena the Matriarch or queen of the herd shepherds the herd across the unforgiving terrain in search of water and food.

8. The Banker is One of the Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this June

This movie is actually based on a real-life story of one of the first banks in the United States of America. The bank was owned by a black man and was created and operated for the members of the black community.


This movie is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl named Ruby who is the only one is her family who can hear. Meanwhile, she serves as an interpreter for her family while they work on a fishing boat the movie follows her as she tries to achieve her dreams.

10. Ghosted

This is an action-packed comedy romantic movie that stars Chris Evans, Ana De Armas,  Adrien, Brody, and Mike Moh. Meanwhile, in this movie, a man falls for a woman who is a spy and when he has not heard from her he decides to visit her.

11. Who are you, Charlie Brown

This movie features the life story of a man who is the creator of Peanuts. And the characters of Peanuts are used to tell his story in this documentary. Meanwhile, this movie is a documentary that utilizes animation and it explains how he drew his own life when writing the classic strips.

12. Swan Song is One of the Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this June

This movie is set in a distant feature where a man finds out that he is dying and does not have much time to live. Also, He is given a choice of allowing himself to be cloned and replaced by the clone to ensure his family remains happy.

13. Wolf walkers

This is an animated movie that follows two young girls. Also, one is a young hunter and the other is a wolf hunter. Meanwhile, the movie shows us how their friendship and how they preserve it despite the odds not being in their favour.

14. Greyhound

In this movie, an office whose code name is Greyhound is faced with protecting a convoy of ships. Meanwhile, this movie is a war movie and if you are a fan of tom hanks then you must watch this amazing movie.

15. On the Rocks is One of the Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this June

This is a comedy-drama that shows a novelist who is stuck in an exhausted rut as she raises her two daughters, her husband meanwhile is constantly working. Also, after a slip of the tongue, she becomes convinced that her husband is cheating.


Watch these amazing movies some of the movies above are movies that are soon to be released in June. Also, You can surely add them to your watch list. Enjoy these movies with some popcorn and have friends and family over.

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