5 Good Easter Movies on Showmax to Watch this Year 2022 | No. 4’s My Favourite

Easter is just a few days from now it is one of the most celebrated religious occasions in the history of planet earth. Easter marks the death of Jesus and then Sunday marks his resurrection. Listen to time to be sober and reflect to do good things and also to celebrate. But this post will bring the Good Easter Movies on Showmax to Watch this Year.

5 Good Easter Movies on Showmax to Watch this 2022

Easter is not all about eating and egg hunting. Most people which are Christians go to church on that day when all that is said and done is time to relax with a good movie. On Easter Day you do not just watch any kind of movie you see on your screen. There are special movies dedicated to the Easter spirit and celebration.

This is why it is necessary to get an Easter things movie to round up or conclude your day. This kind of movie is especially good for the whole family to come together to watch. In this guide, I have listed five of the best ones for you to see.

5 Good Easter Movies on Showmax to Watch this Year 2022

This year Easter is close by and there are some good movies on Showmax to Watch with friends to make the holiday more fun. The success of your movie night is seriously dependent on the kind of movie that you are going to be watching. Various themed movie night depends on various movies in this case Easter-themed movies.

While you cannot stay up the whole night watching movies here are five good subjections of Easter movies on Showmax to watch this 2022.

1. Risen

Risen is one of the best Easter movies to watch with your family on Easter day. It is an action-packed movie set after the death of Jesus Christ and follows a Roman soldier searching for his body.

He looks at her other man to discover the mystery behind the disappearance of the body of Christ from the cross after the crucifixion.

2. “The Greatest Story Ever Told” is One of the Best Good Easter Movies on Showmax to Watch this Year

The greatest story ever told is a movie that follows the life of Jesus Christ from birth to his crucifixion. Max von Sydow and Charlton Heston were co-stars in the movie portraying Jesus Christ.

Everything about the birth death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was all covered in the movie and you can simply catch it on Showmax.

3. Arthur & the Revenge of Maltazard

Arthur & the Revenge of Maltazard is an animated magical movie. It follows Arthur who rushes to rescue a princess Selenia but soon discovers that the kind Maltazard is plotting to capture him alive.

Be that as it may, it is now left to Arthur to save himself and the princess to survive and return back to Camelot. The movie is an animated adventure that this phone feed and is family-friendly.

4. “Peter Rabbit” is Another Good Easter Movie on Showmax to Watch this Year

Peter Rabbit is a young teenage rabbit that is looking for affection for another thing is rabbits but it’s in first competition from a rival rabbit. Although he is troublesome in this movie he has to fight the good fight to make sure he wins the affection female rabbit.

5. The Borrowers

Once upon a time the tiny boy who has lived in harmony with their human counterparts however things were changed forever when an evil lawyer the house. It was then that the borrowers decided to fight back.

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