How to Get QQ on Your Apple Smart Watch

If you are in China you would know that WeChat and QQ are the most used social media chatting instant messaging applications. This is because most western instant messaging social media applications are all seriously blocked. So, this post will show You How to Get QQ on Your Apple Watch.

How to Get QQ on Your Apple Smart Watch

QQ is a social media application pretty much like we chat on WhatsApp and Twitter that easily lets you make video calls chat with your friends and so much more. The application can be used worldwide however it is there are major social media instant messaging applications in China.

QQ on App Store

QQ is the major social media instant messaging application in China however in other parts of the world it is just among the top apps. The good news is that both Chinese and not Chinese users can make use of this application if they have an iPhone.

It gives you a way to keep in touch with your friends and your family by either instant messaging audio chat audio calls or video calls. It operates basically like your WhatsApp application. You can even be sent and download photos using the QQ application just like WhatsApp or WeChat.

On your app store, you can easily search and download the QQ application whether you are in China or in any part of the world and install it. It is good to know that the application is not only available in China so anyone can download it on the app store.

After you have downloaded the application you need to create an account in order to access the incredible QQ platform. So, with this, You will get to know How to Get QQ on Apple Watch.

Install QQ on iPhone

The process of downloading and installing the QQ application is pretty much easy I basically need to access the app store. Last you have access to the after you can search for the application using the search bar and get it on your iPhone. Follow the below process for more clarification:

  • Unlock your iPhone and connect to the internet.
  • Launch the app store.
  • Type on the search bar and type in “QQ “
  • Click on the search button and select the app from the list.
  • Click on Get.
  • Allow the application to install and Launch it

Now, that You know about this, below You will get to know How to Get QQ on Your Apple Smart Watch.

How to Get QQ on Your Apple Watch

Surely, what You will get here is the guide on How to Get QQ on Your Apple Watch as this is among the most used social medial apps. Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the QQ application on your iPhone it becomes easy to get on your Apple watch.

All you need to do now is to access your Apple watch application and install the app from the. Follow the below procedure to do so:

  • Launch your Apple watch application.
  • Click on apps.
  • Select all apps.
  • Scroll down to the QQ application and click on install.
  • Finally, launch the app.

So, these are the on How to Get QQ on Your Apple Watch, all You have to do is follow them properly.

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