13 Games You Can Play with Your Facebook Dating Match Online

Imagine a scenario where you’re looking for love, and Facebook Dating provides you with a perfect match. However, you start to text and get to know each other. But why settle for just chatting when you can play games on Facebook Dating together? Games can be a way to let loose and bond like never before.

13 Games You Can Play with Your Facebook Dating Match Online

Whether you’re trying to ease tension or have a laugh, playing games with your match on Facebook Dating is where it’s at. Matching with someone on the platform is not enough to help you understand your partner as much as you would love to. Why not level up your love game and bond more with fun games?

Every game on this list can serve a purpose for you, be it to bond more, ease tension, have fun or spend time online with your match.

1. Word with Friends is the Top on Our List of Games to Play on Facebook Dating

Words with Friends is a fantastic game to play with your Facebook dating match because it combines the joy of wordplay with friendly competition. It’s like a modern twist on the classic game of Scrabble.

Plus, it is a game you can play at your own pace. You can challenge your dating match to see who can come up with the best words and earn the highest score.

2. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is the perfect Facebook Dating game for your match. At some point, while we were younger, we all tried playing this game with our friends. Truth or Dare can turn a simple crush into a fiery romance. The game allows you to have fun while also asking questions you wish to know about your match. It is the ideal moment to unleash those daring questions that keep your mind unrestrained.

3. Would You Rather

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, our head goes blank, and we desperately want to actively text with the people we love. The same happens with texting on a dating platform. 

It would help if you desperately had a way to start a conversation or keep your Facebook dating match engaged. “Would you Rather” is a game you should play with your match. It is the ultimate game to help you get to know your partner better.

The game goes with one of you asking the question, “Would you Rather?” with a question in mind. e.g. “Would you Rather have Breakfast or Launch?” You can ask why after each answer.

4. Two Truths and One Lie

Here’s how this game works. One person takes a turn first and says three things about themselves. However, there’s a catch: two statements are factual, while one is false. After sharing, the other player, be it you or your match, tries to guess which information is the lie. It’s a great way to learn more about each other.

5. Trivia Quiz is a Challenging Online Game You can Play with Your Match on Facebook Dating

Challenge yourself and your Facebook dating match to engage in trivia games on various topics you enjoy. This game offers a fascinating challenge for everyone, regardless of your knowledge of historical or pop culture facts. Test each other’s knowledge and see who emerges as the reigning trivia champion!

6. 8 Ball Pool Game

This is a good game you can play with your match. It doesn’t matter if they are no good at it. Teaching them can also be fun and an excellent way to bond.

7. You can Play the Bingo Game on Facebook with Your Dating Match

In this low-intensity game, you can use the time in between to chat and spend quality time together. The rules are simple: you get a BINGO card with 25 random numbers, and the computer will call out more numbers randomly. If you spot a number on your card, mark it off. Score five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and you’re the winner!

8. Build-A-Story

If you are searching for games to play with your Facebook dating match, Build-A-Story is a game you should try. Like its name, in this game, One of you will start by texting a phrase, and your match will take turns building on it until you complete an incredible story.

9. Celebrity Do or Die

Do or Die is one weird, goofy game that would be incredible to play with your Facebook dating match. In this game, you have to name a celebrity and ask your match answers if they will do them or die. Sounds fun.

10. Rap or Rhyme is a Brainstorming Game to Play with Your Facebook Dating Match

Text you and your match music skills with this game. Rap or Rhyme is a relaxed and fun game that will keep you and your match engaged. To play this game, you text your partner a line, and they must text you back with another line that rhymes. 

Keep going back and forth until one of you runs out of a way to make the Texas rhyme. It sounds so easy, but it takes creativity to pull it off.

11. Never Have I Ever

Spice up Your Relationship with your Facebook dating match with this game of “Never Have I Ever.” This game can help you get close and personal with your match. To play this game, Each round, you can reveal something you’ve never done before. If your partner has done it, bottoms up! But be warned, you’ll uncover some wild and crazy secrets.

To spice the game up, you should both get a drink, so whenever your match has done what you haven’t, he gets to drink, and vice versa.

12. Ludo

Ludo is one of those games that always survive the test of time. Playing the Ludo game virtually with your Facebook dating match to have fun and ease tension. While also still being able to text each other simultaneously. The objective is to get your four pins from the starting point to your “house.”

13. GeoGuessr

GeoGuesser game can help you build a stronger connection with your Facebook dating match. GeoGuessr is a geographic game that will take you anywhere on Earth and challenge your ability to recognize your surroundings. Then, you and your partner will be tasked to guess where you are.

This game can give you and your dating match lots to discuss and trips to plan for.

Take Away on the Above Games to Play with Your Facebook Dating Match

In conclusion, Playing games with your Facebook dating match can be super exciting. And every game in this list helps you spend quality time with matches, getting to know each other while having fun.

However, you don’t want to play games to get to know your matches. Yes! Playing games might be a fun way to do it, but you don’t want to do it over, so it does not get boring.

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