15 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Taraba State Nigeria | No. 2’s a Must Visit

Perhaps your kid(s) have done well in school or you just want to take them out and spoil them and you’re in Taraba state, but you don’t have anywhere in mind. Don’t bother yourself too much because that is exactly why this article is here. I’m here to tell you about the various fun places you can take your kids to in Taraba state.

Taraba Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 15 Places

Top 15 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Taraba State

Without wasting too much of your time or trying to bore you with unnecessary talk, here are 15 fun places you can take your kids to in Taraba state, Nigeria;

1. Mambilla Plateau:

Firstly, is the Mambilla Plateau. This is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in Nigeria. It is home to West Arica’s highland tea plantations. Mambilla plateau is the ideal spot for you and your kids as it can be used for various activities such as picnics, mountain climbing and he likes.

2. The Ideal Place to Take Your Kids and Have Fun in Taraba State is Gashaka Gumti, National Park:

Secondly is the Gashaka Gumti National Park. Gashaka Gumti National Park is the largest and most diverse conservation park in Nigeria. It has several ecological zones from savannas to forests to scrubs. It is also home to wildlife. Imagine the fun your kids would have to see a cheetah or giraffe or colobus monkey for the first time.

3. Chappal Waddi:

Chappal waddi is another spot in Taraba that is ideal for camping. It has a very peaceful scenery and is located near the country’s border with Cameroon. Chappal waddi is also known as the highest point in Nigeria. Don’t forget to go in your hiking boots!

4. Kambari Game Reserve:

Kambari game reserve is a tourist attraction site in Taraba state. Its vegetation comprises a wooded savanna. It also has aquatic animals I’m sure your kids would be happy to see.

5. A Place You Should Consider Taking Your Kids to Have Fun in Taraba is the Kashimbila Game Reserve:

Kashimbila game reserve is also a tourist attraction site in Taraba state and it has similarities to Kashimbila Game Reserve.

6. Barup Waterfalls:

Barup Timga waterfalls is also an ideal spot for hiking and camping in Taraba state. It has forested slopes, deep dipping valleys, streams, hot springs, etc. You can also take your kids simply swimming at this location.

7. Bitako Hills And Rock Formations:

Bitako hills and rock formation is one of the most beautiful places in Taraba state. It is a good spot for you and your kids to go cock climbing. The rock formation here is honestly a beautiful one and a sight to see.

8. Another Fun Place to Take Your Kids in Taraba State is the Jolly Nyame stadium Jalingo:

Jolly Nyame stadium, Jalingo is the only stadium in Taraba state. It is a multi-purpose stadium used for football, gymnastics, basketball and other forms of sports. Kids tend to have fun watching sports, the thrill it brings them makes them all the more adorable.

9. Oven Fresh Bite:

Oven fresh bite is one place in Taraba state where you can get all sorts of snacks. We know most of these kids would rather eat several kinds of snacks than eat proper food. Oven fresh bite is your one-stop to get your kids all forms of snacks.

10. Donga river basin forest:

The Donga river basin forest is located at the foot of the Mambilla plateau. Apparently, people swim here. You can just branch on your way back from the Mambilla plateau. You and your kids are sure going to have maximum fun.

11. Kpambo and Fikyu Rock Formations is also a Fun Place You can Take Your Kids to in Taraba State:

Kpambo and Fikyu rock formation has a history of protecting the locals. It is also a famous rock formation with a human outlook at a cave in Kpambo. You and your kids can go here for rock climbing.

12. Marmara crocodile pond, wukari:

I can be almost a hundred per cent sure that your kids have never seen a crocodile before in real life. Now imagine the joy on their faces seeing one; I know right? Make sure you hold your kids and watch them well.

13. Katukas kitchen:

Katukas kitchen is one of the best eateries in Taraba state. It has a very nice atmosphere and they also have tasty meals. I’m sure your kids would have fun eating out. They serve both African and continental dishes here.

14. Taraba State University is Also a Place Your Kids can Have Fun:

Taraba state university aims to be one of the best universities in Nigeria. It has a reputation for high-quality teaching and innovative research.

This place would be fun for your kids because seeing different people pursuing different careers is one that can amuse them and also help them decide on a career path.

15. Federal Science and Technical College Jalingo:

Lastly is the Federal science and technical college, Jalingo. This school has several branches across the country and has a very beautiful and conducive learning environment.


I sincerely hope that your search has come to an end after reading this article. You know your kids deserve to have maximum fun to live a healthy life. Apparently, you now have several options to choose from.

Although you can decide on whichever location is best for you, I personally recommend you visit the Gashaka Gumti National Park first or the Jolly Nyame Stadium. Anyways, have fun!

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