5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Taraba State Nigeria | No. 4’s a Must Visit

Oh! Now you have that free time and are so desperate to take your girlfriend out. Well, don’t be too much in haste as you might end up getting disappointed. There are Fun places to take your girlfriend in Taraba state. There are also boring places as well. So, one need to make research and analyze as there are other factors attached.

5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Taraba State

When looking for fun places to take your girlfriend in this state and other states too, consider some certain factors. Besides, there are lots of places that offer exciting activities, exploration, amusement, and so on. These places offer you the opportunity of knowing more about each other. It also builds up your relationship too.

Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Taraba State

Surely, Taraba state has the best fun places You can take your girlfriend in for amusement, fun activities, entertainment and a lot more. They got the mountains, waterfalls, national parks, just name it. You and your girlfriend can both hang out in these places. Here are the fun places you can find in the state:

  1. Mambilla Plateau
  2. Gashaka Gumti National Park
  3. Donga River Basin Forest
  4. Marmara Crocodile Pond
  5. Kpambo and Fikyu Rock Formations

1. Mambilla Plateau

This place has a great record in the history of Nigeria. It’s a must-see. The Mambilla Plateau is one of the highest mountains in the country as well as the continent. Moreover, it’s also the coldest place in Nigeria. It takes about 25 minutes to drive the road on the plateau which looks more like a zigzag.

2. Gashaka-Gumti National Park

The Gashaka-Gumti National Park is actually the largest national park in Nigeria. The park is a combination of two great parks which are the Gashaka Park and Gumti Park. The park has lots of common animals such as elephants, lions, antelope, and so on.

It’s quite one of the best fun places to take your girlfriend to Taraba state. You can both have amazing photos with the wild animals.

More Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Taraba State

3. Donga River Basin Forest

The river basin forest is known for housing more than a hundred species of bird. They have birds of a rare kind such as the cuckoo, kingfisher, Africa hornbill, and so on. So, you and your girlfriend can go some sightseeing in the forest and take wonderful photos of these birds.

Other Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Taraba State

4. Marmara Crocodile Pond

Have you heard of crocodiles that doesn’t hurt people? well, you can find them in the Marmara pond located in wukari, Taraba state. There is an ancient story attached to this place. It narrates how these crocodiles in olden times do worship the Aku-Uka. The Aku-Uka was known to be the head of the Jukuns.

Till today, crocodiles still live peacefully with humans.

5. Kpambo and Fikyu Rock Formations

It’s quite fascinating how rocks could be formed to look like a human. Well, if you’ve seen the Kpambo and Fikyu Rock Formations, it will be no surprising thing to you. It’s a great sight to behold with you and your girlfriend and fun too.

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