13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Benue State Nigeria | No. 3’s a Must Visit

You might be new in Benue State and searching for places that are filled with lots of fun to take your kids to. So, we are here with a helping hand to make sure your kids will enjoy and never regret their stay in the state.

Benue Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 13

Benue state is one of the northern states in Nigeria and the state derives its name from the Benue river. And, the river is the second largest river in Nigeria, so you see that state has a very interesting history, your kids will love to hear.

The Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Benue State

Here is the list of places you can take your kids to have fun in Benue State. And, they include:

1. CityBay Park

This is one of the best places you can take your kids to in Benue state. And it is a very beautiful park owned by a famous architect in the state. Also, apart from the kid’s sessions, there are places adults can chill in the pack.

2. Beautiful Minds Children’s Library

A library for kids that contains lots of quality, adventurous and educative books. However, if your kids are great lovers of books, consider taking them to this amazing library in Benue State.

3. Montane Games Reserve is one of the Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Benue State 

The montane game reserve is the most popular of its kind in Benue State. And, it is a nice tourism center that offers the best view of animals that your kids will love to see.

4. Children Amusement Park

This is another fun park you can take your kids to eventually catch some fun. Moreover, as the name implies, your kids will really be amazed when they get to play around the whole park.

5. Exodus Cinemas

A cinema is a place where you can enjoy watching amazing movies either enjoying a pack of popcorn and ice cream or a soft drink. So, you can choose to take your kids to Exodus cinema in Markudi to have fun.

6. Fun City Park is Among the fun places to Take Your Kids to in Benue State 

Children always enjoy running around and playing in the park which is lots of fun, where they have lots of toys and games to play with. And, this is one of those parks in Benue State to enjoy such fun.

7. National Gallery of Art, Makurdi

Another fun and educative place you can take your kids to is the national gallery of art in Markurdi. So, your child can get to see beautiful art sculptures and paintings, and some of them even have a history behind them.

8. Star Shawarma and smoothies

This is a good spot to hang out with your kids, they serve one of the best shawarma and smoothies in Benue State. So, you can also consider taking your kids to eat and chill in this cool spot.

9. One of the  fun places to Take Your Kids to in Benue State is Ikyogen Hillsikyogen Hill

For those kids that are lovers of nature and loves documentaries, here is a place that suits them to have fun. Moreover, it’s not just about the fun, here you will get to see the great hill in the state.

10. Ikwe Holiday Resort

The report describes the wonders of nature in Benue State. So, it is a very unique spot especially if you and your kids are visitors to the state and to view feeds your eyes with beautiful nature.

11. Benue Beach

A beach is more of a place for great relaxation and to catch fun. And, kids always enjoy playing around water like building sand castles and playing other games around the beach.

12. Magicland Amusement Park is Also included in fun places to Take Your Kids in Benue State 

Kids always have a fun-filled day whenever their parents take them to the play park. All because in the park they get to play and eat to their satisfaction. So, parents should consider the magic land park which is located in Benue Start.

13. Anwanse-Abande Ranges

This ranges stretch as far as the Cameroon border and is a play you and your kids will love to be. And, this is because here there is a great network of great hills, streams, valleys, and natural forests.


Moreover, parents should always try to look out for what their kids love and enjoy doing before choosing a spot. So, they will be filled with so much fun and excitement, when you take them to where they love to be.

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