5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Nasarawa State | No. 4’s a Must Visit

A relationship gets strengthened when you and your girlfriend are always going for an outing. Going to fun places goes a long way in making you both know each other better. Come to a state like Nasarawa, you would find lots of fun places to take your girlfriend to. places are great spots for romantic scenery, a nice atmosphere, and a lovely experience.

5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Nasarawa State

Nasarawa state which was cut out of the old Plateau state has become one of the best states for tourism. Due to its amazing topography and stunning upland, no wonder visitors from outside the country love paying a visit. It is endowed with magnificent hills and rocks showing the great works of nature.

Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Nasarawa State

Definitely, You will get the Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Nasarawa State here so You can spend quality time with each other. Are you finding it hard to pick a place for your dating? Nasarawa, a beautiful state has lots of them.

There are lots of fun places to take your girlfriend to Nasarawa state. The people are quite a few numbers compared to other states and are welcoming. Despite the diverse range of ethnic groups, they still share a common history and similar culture.

Here is the list of those fun places:

Farin Ruwa Waterfall

The farin ruwa waterfall is so amazing. The waterfall is 120km distant from Lafia which is the capital. It is also 30km distant from Wamba. It is a popular place and so easy to locate. Pay a visit and get an amazing view of the waterfall.

Moreover, due to its majestic nature, it’s compared to Niagra Falls and Victoria Falls. This is a romantic and fun place to take your girlfriend to Nasarawa state.

  • Keana Salt village
  • Oku akpa rock and picnic centre
  • Farin Ruwa Waterfall
  • Eggon Hills
  • Umaisha River bank Resort

Eggon Hills

Egggin Hills is known to cover an area of about 30m. the hills are so magnificent that it has been a tourist attraction ever since the time of the colonial masters. They camped at its peak, built houses close to the stream beside it. It is one of the best fun places you can ever find to take your girlfriend in Nasarawa state.

More Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Nasarawa State

Umaisha River Bank Resort

Have you heard of the Ogoni Fishing and Cultural Festival? If not, it’s time to visit one with your girlfriend in Nasarawa state and a fun place to take her to. The festival offers lots of water sports activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, and so on.

Other Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Nasarawa State

Oku Akpa rock and Picnic Centre

The rock is well known for its wonderful formation. That’s not all. It is being made a great spot for a picnic, mountain climbing, hunting, and so on. If you are looking for where to get an adventure, then you need to stop by this place.

Keana Salt Village

This is one great place of wonder. The salt mining in this village could be dated back to the 12th century. That was when salt was noticed to be found there. Once you get to this fun place in Nasarawa state with your girlfriend, you would be amazed. You would see how salt is being mined traditionally using conventional technology.

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