5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Lagos State | No. 1’s a Must Visit

There is nothing so romantic like to take your girlfriend out to fun places in Lagos state. There are lots of exciting places in Lagos state help make the best impression most especially for a date.

5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Lagos State

Although it’s quite sad that there living in Lagos can be quite expensive even so there are still many fascinating places which are cheap where you can have some fun with your girlfriend.

Lagos state houses most of the exciting, fascinating, and romantic places in Nigeria where you can go along with your amazing girlfriend. These are eye-catching places, experiences worth having and never to be forgotten. Having fun in these places with your girlfriend can make her be on cloud nine. As a matter of fact, this helps strengthen the relationship.

Places to Take Your Girlfriend for a Date in Lagos State for Fun

What you will get here are the top Fun and exciting Places to Take Your Girlfriend to in Lagos State to spend quality time together. Most times, we end up selecting the wrong places making our experience miserable and this could be so heartbreaking.

That’s why I had to come up with a list of fun places in Lagos that are worth taking your girlfriend to and even spending a weekend:

1 – The Place

Right in the capital of Lagos state is The Place, an awesome restaurant to take your girlfriend to, especially for a date and to have some fun. it is one of the Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Lagos State. It presents one of the most excellent meals you can ever find in Nigeria comprising of sociable staff that makes your visit a grand welcome.

Not only have the restaurant but also club,  reception, bars, and lounge too.

Other Fun Locations to Take Her to in Lagos

2 – Silverbird Cinema

With nothing less than #5000, you can enjoy a grand movie with some popcorn with your girlfriend and have lunch as well in the Silverbird Cinema. It is also among the Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Lagos State. It’s an awesome place to be in with your girlfriend of which you can quickly get away with your love.

One amazing thing about this place is that you can make a request for a classic movie to watch with your girlfriend which could be so romantic and fun as well.

3 – Tarkwa Bay

One of the Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Lagos State is Tarkwa bay. It is a great place to be in with your girlfriend. I wish I could be there right now. The thing I love most about this place is the speedboat riding; an experience not to forget but I was with my friends though.

Nonetheless, it’s still quite a fun place to be in with your girlfriend. The beach is quite astonishing and lovely. It is such a good spot for a  romantic outing and not to forget to go with a camera and have some wonderful pictures.

The 2 Other Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Akwa Ibom State

4 – Elegushi beach

This is one of the great places of attraction for most tourists in Nigeria. Although the name might seem local but like it’s being said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, so will I say the Elegushi beach as it is filled with lots of amazing events and games. Not just that, its waters are quite so popular as it is clear, warm sands, and a pleasant view.

5 – Sweet kiwi

This is a great spot for having a nice yoghurt with your girlfriend in Lagos. It is among the top fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Lagos State. It is located in Lekki phase 1, an awesome place to be in. it is so splendid for even a couple to on a date and take yoghurt.

They also offer waffles, and other pastries you can ever think of. It is so tasty, yummy, and tempting. You don’t want to miss this wonderful experience with your love.

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