Full List of Accredited Monotechincs in Bauchi State Nigeria

The Monotechnics in Nigeria are not so much, but they still produce some amazing students the country has. Well, if you ever decided that attending a monotechnic is the best decision for your tertiary education then you need to check out the Full List of Monotechnics in Bauchi State.

Full List of Accredited Monotechincs in Bauchi State Nigeria

Well, the north is an amazing place to study, if you decide to become a student of any monotechnics in Nothern Nigeria then the “List of Monotechnics in Bauchi state” on this post should be useful to you. So far, Monotechnics are only found in Nigeria, and not so many of them are in the country.

What is Monotechnic

The term monotechnic is not common among a lot of Nigerians, so I would not be surprised if you are hearing about it for the first time. Monotechnic is not a worldwide word, and it is not found in a dictionary. The word is only used in Nigeria, and most especially from NBTE.

In Nigeria, there are about 47 monotechnic, and most of them are federal, while others are state and privately owned. There are still other monotechnic in the country, but some of those monotechnic are not accredited by NBTE.

Full List of Monotechincs in Bauchi State

Well, if you are looking forward to the Full List of Monotechnics in Bauchi State, well, below is a list of Monotechnics you can choose to attend.

  • Bauchi State College of Agriculture, P.M.B. 088, Bauchi (State Owned).

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