4 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Adamawa State | No. 2’s a Must Visit

There are lots of fun places in Adamawa state which you can take your girlfriend to. It is known to have lots of attractions for tourists. These places are also good spots for you and your girlfriend to visit. They are fun and interesting.  Moreover, such an outing is meant to be an unforgettable one.

4 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend to in Adamawa State

Making arrangements for an outing with your girlfriend can at times be so frustrating. Planning well is so important as cash is also involved too. at times we get to think these outings are expensive but that’s not true. With just #5000, you and your girlfriend can have a wonderful experience. One you would always seem to remember.

Top Fun places to take your girlfriend in Adamawa State

When talking about going out with a girlfriend, most think is all about lunch or dinner but that’s not it. There are other places you can go. It could be the movies, beach, concert, or even game centres. It‘s just all about fun and romance.  So, here are the top fun places you can take your girlfriend out in Adamawa state.

1 – Kiri Dam

A cool town called Kiri located in the Shelleng local government area of Adamawa State is the Kiri Dam. It is a great site for tourists so also for you and your girlfriend. Endowed with beautiful structures and modern facilities on its hilly side is a nice view to behold.

Activities like irrigation and fishing are done in the vicinity. What about boat racing and surfing? You can as well partake in that.

Fun places to take your girlfriend in Adamawa State

2 – Fasnet Cinema

Spending time with your girlfriend in the cinema is fun. A cinema-like Fasnet is an awesome place to enjoy such fun. Although, there wouldn’t be much time to talk with each other while watching the movie.

Nevertheless, there will be more to talk about after watching. You can have some popcorn and drink with your girlfriend too. they also have friendly staff who are always welcoming to their guests.

The Other Nice Location to Take Her in Adamawa State

3 – Tasty Menu Restaurant

You don’t want to miss out on their tasty, yummy, and delicious meal. It is a cool spot for a date. It is where you can have great discussions and get to know each other better.

The tasty menu restaurant is so noble.  they have a wide variety of foods on their menu which you can select from. You can as well eat and have a takeaway to still enjoy later. no doubt, this is one of the fun places to take your girlfriend to in Adamawa State.

4 – Lamido Cinema

This is another popular cinema in Adamawa state located at Jimeta. They have a great selection of movies. Moreover, they are always on time with their movie release which is more expensive than the others.

The theatres are well structured and a good place to feel comfortable with your girlfriend while watching your favourite movie. You can as well have a nice meal with your girlfriend after watching it.

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