13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State Nigeria

This article’s primary goal is to provide information about fun places to take your best friend in Enugu State, so if you don’t know where to go, your problem is finally resolved.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State Nigeria

Fun is one of the fundamentals or foundations of life since it promotes love and lowers the risk of despair. It is typical to take your pal out for pleasure when you are best friends.

It is not difficult to learn more about this if you are interested. Because that is the main goal, I will explain everything in this text in a clear and concise manner.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State Nigeria

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Best Friend to in Enugu State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Enugu Museum, GRA

The Enugu Museum, also known as the National Unity Museum, was founded shortly after the end of the Nigerian Civil War. It falls under the National Commission for Museums and Monuments as one of the museums. so u can try going to this place with your best friend.  it is located at  65 Abakaliki Rd, GRA 400102, Enugu 

2. Cave of Giants, Enugu

The Cave of the Giants is a large, gloomy cave. For everyone who enjoys a good adventure, it is the ideal tourist location. You should visit this location in Enugu State if you and your best friend are game for some risky play.

3. Silicon Hill, Nkalogu is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State

One of the highest locations in the state of Enugu is Silicon Hill, which is 300 meters above sea level. You may marvel at the natural delights of Silicon Hill. If you and your closest buddy are not afraid of heights, you should visit this hill in Enugu state.

4. Opi Lake Complex, Nsukka

Opi Lake is made up of seven individual lakes. All seven of these lakes are linked together to form a network of other bodies of water. Opi Lake provides a stunning view that you and your best friend won’t soon forget.

5. Magic Garden, GRA

Located at John Nwodo Close, GRA, Enugu, Nigeria is a park near the centre of Enugu, a park. It’s a nice spot to unwind and listen to music with your best friend. A café and a swimming pool are both included in this park.

6. Akwute-Atakwu Beach, Enugu is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State

Located at 9FH5+GJJ, Akwunawna, Awkunanaw is another beach in Enugu state. Enugu is not a city on a seashore. The finest site for beach-loving visitors is Akwute-Atakwu, so if you’re just in Enugu for a short time and want to enjoy the beach with your best friend, go there.

7. Macdovos, Enugu

Are you seeking a spot to pass the time while in Enugu for the first time? Then you should think about taking your closest buddy to Macdovos. Also, when you and your closest buddy need top-notch entertainment the most, Macdovos, which is adjacent to Port Harcourt Road, is the place to go. This resort has a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a birdcage.

8. Akpugoeze, Enugu

In the Enugu neighbourhood of Akpugoeze, monkeys are not eaten, hunted, or otherwise harmed. Also, numerous monkey species may be found in this neighbourhood, including the uncommon Sciater’s monkey, which is only found in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Lastly, One of the best places to take your best friend if he like animals is here.

9. Enugu Golf Course, Enugu is One of the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State

A typical golf course, Enugu Golf Course is located at 11 Park Avenue in Enugu. There are 18 holes on this golf course, which has hosted both national and regional competitions. You may unwind in the club’s bar with your best friend after a long day of golfing.

10. Ezeagu Tourist Complex

The tourism complex at Ezeagu is the ideal location for close encounters with the natural world. It has a lake, a cave, a waterfall, a warm and cold spring, and more. One of Enugu’s most popular tourist destinations, the Ezeagu Tourist Complex is accessible to visitors of all ages.

Also, You might choose to go on a picnic with your best friend and enjoy some peaceful time in the great outdoors.

11. Awhum Cave and Waterfall, Awhum Enugu State 

In the state of Enugu’s Udi Local Government Area are the cave and waterfall known as Awhum. It is one of the most enigmatic tourist destinations in Nigeria and is conceivably the most enigmatic in Enugu.

This 30-meter-high waterfall is reputed to have therapeutic properties. As a result, Awhum Cave and its waterfalls serve as both a tourist attraction and a place of religious pilgrimage.

12. Polo Amusement Parks, Enugu is Among the Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State

Polo Amusement Park is the best place to go if you’re in Enugu and want to have the best enjoyment possible. With your closest buddy in Enugu State, this park gives comfort and is the ideal spot to rest after a demanding week.

13. Iheneke Lake, Iheneke Enugu 

Enugu’s Iheneke Lake is the ideal location for a picnic or to unwind with your best friend. This lake is tropical and known to get chilly during the rainy season. This lake is recognized for its tranquil atmosphere in addition to its stunning views, which make it ideal for Instagram-perfect photos.

Take Away on 13 Fun Places to Take Your Best Friend in Enugu State Nigeria

You may take your best friend to the great locations mentioned above when visiting Enugu state. Finally, because I’ve been there and think it’s a good spot to take your best buddy, you might also try out 13.

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