13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Jigawa State

If you are looking to be your nephew’s favourite relative, then you should take him out for fun. And Jigawa State has just the right amount of fun places to take Your Nephew to.

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Jigawa State Nigeria

13 Fun Places to Take Your Nephew in Jigawa State

There are a lot of fun places You can take Your Nephew to in Jigawa State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. One of the Fun Places you Can Take Your Nephew to in Jigawa state is the Birnin Kudu Rock Paintings

Birnin Kudu Rock Paintings is one of the fun places you can take your nephew to. It has lovely paintings that are sure to wow him. A lovely place to explore nature and art. It has the oldest rock paintings in Nigeria.

2. Emir of Dutse Palace

The Emir of Dutse palace is the home to the emir. It is a major tourist attraction sites; with its beautiful architectural building

3. Baturiya Bird Sanctuary

A home to different species of birds. It is located in the Kiri Kassma area of Jigawa state. It is a natural wetland habitat for birds that migrated from Europe and Australia.

4. Another Fun Place to take Your Nephew in Jigawa is the Wawan Rafi Resort

Wawan Rafi Resort is a place in Jigawa where you can eat, relax, explore nature and most importantly, have fun.

5. Amaryawa Rock Range

An ideal place for rock climbing, and also exploring nature.

6. Gargajiya Kitchen

Gargajiya kitchen serves deliciously cooked homemade foods. It is located in Dutse, the capital city. They also have a drive-in and offer delivery services.

7. Gwaram Forest Reserve is Another Fun Place you can Take Your Nephew to in Jigawa

This is another one of the popular tourist spots. It is home to certain animals like deer and some rare trees.

8. Dutse International Airport

The only reason this is a fun place in Jigawa to take your nephew is because of the aircraft. Imagine the joy on his face when he sees an aeroplane up close, it’d be cool, trust me.

9. Harbor Village Fishing Village

This is a very fun place to go fishing. It has different kinds of fish that can either be eaten or kept as a pet.

10. Hasinah Confectionery & Restaurant

Hasinah confectionery is your one-stop to all things junk. They also have varieties of meals for you to choose from.

Other Fun Places To Take Your Nephew in Jigawa Include;

11. Maigatari Boader

12. Garin Gabas-Ancient Settlement is Another Fun place In Jigawa You Can Take Your Nephew to

13. Captain Philips Tomb


As you can see, there are more fun places in Jigawa than you thought. When you are done taking your nephew to one or more of these places, you can now be the cool uncle/auntie.

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