Federal University and State Universities in Kogi State Nigeria; Which is Better

People have often argued about which is better, Federal vs State University in Kogi State. We’re here to answer that for you.

Kogi Federal vs State University; Which is Better? Check!

Universities are places of higher education, and in Nigeria, federal and state universities are both places of public education for a person to obtain a degree in a particular field.

Federal University is built and established by the federal government, while the state university is constructed and established by the state government where it is made. State University vs Federal Universities in Kogi State continues reading to know which is better.

Federal University vs State University in Kogi State, Nigeria

Federal Universities have more resources and funding, which allows them to offer a broader range of courses and programs. Also, State Universities are more localized and often have a closer relationship with the local community.

What are They

Federal and State universities give students options on where they will be more suited for their field of study. A state or federal university might be well known for having the best faculty for a field of study that a student might be interested in.

Also, these universities make it easier for those living closer to them to attend a higher institution without considering travelling costs.

What are Federal Universities?

Federal Universities have a strong reputation and are well-respected within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. They also offer students a wide range of courses and programs, making them a good choice for students with diverse interests and career goals. They also provide suitable facilities and infrastructure, such as libraries, laboratories, and other resources.

What are State Universities?

State universities are often more accessible to those who live there, as they don’t have to worry about leaving their home state to get an education.  This can make them a good choice for students who want to stay close to home or study in a particular region.

Difference Between Federal and State Universities

Here are eight key differences between Federal and State Universities in Nigeria:

1. Location

Federal universities are spread across different states in Nigeria and are not confined to any particular state. At the same time, State universities are located within specific states and are established by those state governments.

2. Admission Criteria

Admission criteria for federal universities might be more competitive due to their widespread popularity and perceived prestige. Also, Admission criteria for state universities can vary and might be slightly less competitive in comparison.

3. Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in federal universities tend to be more standardized across the board due to federal funding. Also, tuition fees in state universities can vary widely depending on the policies of the respective state governments.

NUC Ranking

NUC (National Universities Commission) ranking is a ranking system for universities in Nigeria. It is based on several criteria, including academic reputation, research output, and student satisfaction. The ranking is conducted every two years and is considered the most reliable ranking system for universities in Nigeria.

NUC Ranking of Federal University in Kogi State

According to the NUC ranking, the Federal University of Lokoja (FUL) is currently ranked as the 36th best university in Nigeria.

NUC Ranking of State University in Kogi State

Kogi State University (KSU) is ranked as the 65th best university in Nigeria by the NUC ranking.

Which has a Better NUC Ranking?

Based on the NUC ranking, the Federal University of Lokoja (FUL) ranks higher than Kogi State University (KSU). However, it is essential to remember that this ranking is based on a limited number of criteria and is subject to change.


Admission plays a vital role if you want to further your studies in any of the universities in Nigeria, which is why you must ensure you meet the requirements of the institution you are applying to. One such requirement is that you meet the school Jamb cut-off mark.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the Federal University in Kogi State

The federal university of Kogi State has several cut-off marks for different courses of study, such as 170 for general courses, 250 for Medicine and surgery, 220 for Nursing Science, and 200 for Engineering. So, it is essential to take note of these when applying for admission into the school.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the State University in Kogi State

Kogi State University Jamb’s cut-off mark is 140, and a student is expected to meet the mark or score above it for their application to be considered. The school also have other requirements that the student would have to ensure they meet.

Which has a Higher Jamb Cut-Off Mark?

The federal university in Kogi State has the highest Jamb cut-off mark for admission. It is also essential to note that it is better to get a mark more elevated than the stipulated cut-off mark due to competition in the institution.


Kogi state is diverse as it caters to different tribes such as the Igbos, Hausa, Ebira, Igala, Idoma, Kabba, Okun, and Yoruba, among many others.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the Federal University in Kogi State

The Federal University in Kogi State is located in Lokoja. The university, known as the Federal University Lokoja, is mainly populated by the Igala tribe.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the State University in Kogi State

The state university in Kogi State is located in Anyigba, and The university, known as Kogi State University Anyigba, is populated mainly by the Igala people.

Which has More Ethnic Group Mixture

Federal universities have a more diverse student body than state universities, as they draw students from a wider geographic area. National universities also tend to have a more diverse faculty and staff as they recruit from nationwide.

School Fees

School fees vary from institution to institution and depend on various factors. The school fees for federal and state universities in Nigeria differ significantly.

The School Fees of the Federal University in Kogi State

Federal University of Lokoja (FUL), the only federal university in Kogi State, has a very affordable school fees structure. Also, undergraduate students’ annual tuition fees range from fifty thousand to sixty thousand naira.

The School Fees of the State University in Kogi State

The Kogi State University in Anyigba has school fees ranging from ninety thousand to one hundred thousand annually.

Which is More Expensive?

Compared to the State University, the Federal University in Kogi State is very affordable, making it ideal for students who have to work to support themselves in school.


In conclusion, the article will give insight into federal and state universities in Kogi State and how they differ. This will also aid you in selecting an institution that best suits your needs.

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