Federal University and Private Universities in Zamfara State Nigeria; Which is Better

Zamfara state is located in the northwestern part of Nigeria. It has a number of educational institutions including two universities of different kinds. This article shows the major difference between the universities using criteria such as school fees, NUC ranking, jamb cut-off mark, and diversity. Read more to learn about the Federal Universities Vs Private Universities in Zamfara State.

Zamfara Federal vs Private University; Which is Better? Check!

What are They

Below is a clear and simple definition of a private university and a federal university drawing a thick boundary between them.

What are Federal Universities

A federal university is an educational institution run and managed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. They are confined to different states but are owned by the Federal Government.

What are Private Universities

A private university runs and operates without the government. It is an institution being operated by an individual or group of individuals and not by the state government in which the school is established or by the Federal Government.

Difference Between Federal & Private Universities

A federal university operates under the management of the Federal Government of Nigeria while a private university operates under non-government organizations and is not subjected to the government.

NUC Ranking

NUC Ranking is one of the top choices in rating universities and their standards. There are various ranking bodies in Nigeria and worldwide ranking universities. However, it is important to note that the highest-ranking body in Nigeria is the NUC which is also responsible for other future universities such as accreditation and commissioning of universities.

This article will show you the NUC ranking of the different universities in Zamfara state.

NUC Ranking of the Federal Universities in Zamfara State

Zamfara state which lies in the northeastern part of Nigeria is a mother to two universities only. These two universities are from two different categories: A federal university and a state university. This guide will mostly discuss the federal university since there is no private university currently in Zamfara state to do a comparison with.

  • Federal University Gusau: This university is also known as FUGUS. Compared to other universities in Nigeria, it has a low ranking of 135.

Which has the Highest NUC Ranking

Federal University Gusau may have a low NUC ranking but in comparison to the state university in Zamfara state, it has a higher level of hierarchy. It comes first way before the state university ZAMSUT.


Admission into various universities may differ in a high range or may differ considerably. However, most universities have a strong foundation regarding admission. This foundation is simply the jamb cut-off mark which is a specific mark a student must pass in other to proceed further with the admission process.

Jamb Cut-off Mark of the Federal Universities in Zamfara State

Federal University Gusau: 140 to 200

Which has the Highest Cut-off Mark

Both universities in Zamfara state have the same Jamb cut-off mark of 200. However, the original cut-off mark by jamb is officially 140. So students with 140 as their jamb score can still proceed with their admission.


A university is one of the most diverse institutions worldwide. It is mostly filled with people of different races, religions, gods/gods, belief systems, and most especially people from different tribes. Nevertheless, it is important to note that every institution including the university must have a set of tribe or beliefs that dominates it.

One of the factors dominating the university is the location factor. Zamfara is a northern state and is mostly filled with northerners, therefore the population in the universities of Zamfara state will be most likely from northern tribes.

  • What Tribe Majorly Attends the Federal Universities in Zamfara State

The Hausa tribes majorly dominate Federal University Gusau and also the state university known as Zamfara State University (ZAMSUT).

Which has More Ethnic Group Mixture

The federal university will have more ethnic group mixture because of its high population and other factors such as reduced school fees and easy admission.

School Fees 

It is important that aspiring candidates check out the school fees of any institution that they are applying to.

The School Fees of the Federal Universities in Zamfara State

  • Federal University Gusau (FUGUS):

New students: ₦48,500

Returning students: ₦33,500

Which is More Expensive

The federal university in Zamfara is less expensive compared to the state school with a school fee of about ₦50,000 and above.


Finally, you can now clearly define a federal school and clearly differentiate between the federal university in Zamfara state from other universities and educational institutions in the state.

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