16 Amazing Facebook Games to Play on New Year Day with Friends

Your new year at home can be very thrilling when spent with friends, families and your loved ones. One of the ways to do this in the new year is to play Facebook games in the comfort of your house, which is always full of fun.

16 Facebook Games to Play on New Year with Friends

If you want to know more about the awesome Facebook Games, You can Play on New Year Day with Friends online, read this article to the end. Yeah, in this article, I will detailedly explain all you need to you because that is the main essence.

What Kind of FB Games Can I Play on New Year’s Eve?

New year’s eve is a time of fun when many people engage in a lot of things. Some go to parties, others to church, while some stay at home playing games. There is new year’s eve for every age to create a memorable experience, the best of them are given below:

  1. We have the “two resolutions and a lie”. This game works when you are more than two, there are 3 resolutions to be presented by each guest, two will be true while one will be a lie. Then each guest will share them while the others guess which is true and false among the take. Afterwards, the person who gets it right is awarded a prize.
  2. Cotton Ball race is a relay race game that uses cotton balls and two bowls. You will have to divide the games into teams comprising of six to ten people. Then a starting line will be drawn on the rug with masking tape, with a bowl of cotton balls and a jar of vaseline on a table. The members of the team will take turns and the team who completes in the game wins.
  3. Ribbon dancing needs a ribbon that has been cut into 3-foot lengths. All the ribbons must be held in the middle and guests must grab the end of a ribbon. The best part of it is that the guests can see unusual pairings and repeat the pairings over and over again.
  4. The beverage relay race works when you play the game with champagne flutes and two bottles of champagne. There are those playing at a table and have a bowl filled with beverage, teaspoon and an empty drink container.

4 of the Best Instant Games to Play with Friends on New Year

Playing a game by yourself can’t be compared with playing with friends, and you challenge each other and connect with one another. You can do this by logging into your Facebook account, going to be gaming section and playing with your friend. These are the best Facebook games to play with friends and family.

Here are the best Facebook Instant Games to play with your friends:

5. Mahjong Trails blitz is fun which involves making pairs of monkeys, watermelons and mushrooms in a mahjong style.

6. Super Dash main aim is for you to score points and collect coins by jumping your way through the neighbourhood. It involves hopping over hills and springing over boxes.

7. 8 ball pool is a game that involves billiards and checking out an 8 Ball pool. It is played against a friend and cueing up the stick for a game of classic 8.

8. Words with friends are about saying longer words, your score will increase based on how long the words are. It also comprises double and triple letters, and word tiles to increase your score.

8 Other Facebook Games to Play on New Year Day

Facebook has lots of games you can play in the new year. Below is the list of the best 8.

9. A big dot of happiness.

10. Champagne relay race.

11. Shop bottle labels.

12. Shop Kraft paper.

13. Shop poker sets

14. White elephant game.

15. Classy cutter.

16. Shop card stock.

Surely, you can see all these Facebook Games to Play on New Year day with Your friends.

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