List of Facebook Features that are Not Yet Available in Nigeria | CHECK NOW

Facebook is the world most remarkable social media platform with over 1.5 billion users from different parts of the world. Surely, they would want to make more interesting features to make their users comfortable with the platform and bring in more user. Facebook has created a lot of new interesting features, but not all of them are available in all countries that use Facebook. as a matter of fact, some of Facebook recent features do not get to most African countries same date of its launch. With that stated, I would be giving you a list of Facebook features that are not yet available in Nigeria.

List of Facebook Features that are Not Yet Available in Nigeria | CHECK NOW

Most Facebook users are oblivious to what Facebook holds outside Nigeria. Facebook has created lots of amazing features that would blow your mind, but unfortunately, Facebook only made it available to a few countries with Nigeria not included. Using most of these features means you have to have a Facebook account in countries that have the feature you want to use. With all that said, I would be given you a List of Facebook Features that is Not Yet Available in Nigeria and what they are about in this content.

List of Facebook Features that are Not Yet Available in Nigeria

1. Facebook Pay

Facebook pay is a feature on Facebook that Facebook users use to transfer money to people in their friend’s list. This feature would offer you one of the best ways to transfer money easily. Facebook even made the pay platform available across other social media platforms, and they are Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook pay works as a two-way platform. users can either transfer money or request for money. When you request for money from a friend the notification would show on his or her account, and they get to decide whether to accept the request or decline it. This Facebook feature is not available in Nigeria and in most countries that use Facebook.

2. Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is one of Facebook’s latest feature that really got most of Facebook account owners amazed. Facebook was mainly recognized as a social media platform with the aim of bringing people together from different parts of the world. When the dating platform was released, lots of users were surprised because Facebook just added dating to their platform. Facebook dating is so useful and functions as good as other top dating platforms like Tinder and bumble.

And again, Facebook launched it but not in Nigeria. Right now, only 20 countries have access to Facebook dating.

3. Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar is the latest feature on Facebook that is not also available in Nigeria. This feature is a mind-blowing feature that was recently released on Facebook and is now available in different countries in the world. Facebook avatar is more like an emoji, except you would be the designer of this emoji. You get lots of interesting options to make your own Avatar that looks more like you. just the way you use emojis on Facebook is also the same way you to use the Avatar you created.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an app on Facebook where Facebook users can buy and sell items to people within a particular area or city. This feature is really interesting and has helped lots of people sell items on Facebook. Facebook marketplace is also not available in Nigeria, and Facebook has not stated if or when it would be available in Nigeria.

Facebook dating, pay, Mar and avatar are the top features on Facebook that is not yet available in Nigeria. There may still be more features on Facebook that is not available in Nigeria, but the ones stated above are the top recognized feature that is not available in Nigeria.

Popular Facebook Features People Use in Nigeria

Even though the earlier stated Facebook features that are not yet available in Nigeria seems like they will fun to use, users should have it at the back of their mind that there are still lots of interesting features to use in Nigeria. If you came to Facebook because of one of the features that are not available in Nigeria, you do not have to leave Facebook just yet. Facebook also has a lot of interesting features that are available for use by users in Nigeria. They include:

  • Facebook stories
  • Facebook gaming
  • Newsfeed
  • Friends
  • Timeline
  • Likes and reaction
  • Comments
  • Massages and inbox
  • Notifications
  • Groups
  • Event
  • Notes
  • Platform
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook questions
  • Photos and more

There are lots of other interesting features for Facebook users in Nigeria to use, you just have to use Facebook long enough to discover them.

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